Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sanchit

Happy Birthday Sanchit
Plz convey ur wishes to Sanchit

I'd like to thank both my colleagues at this blog, for their greetings conveyed via this 'birthday' blog post! Thank you very much guys, for all your kind consideration!

Also, along with them both I also desire to thank Maulik for his greetings. Thank you Maulik, you've bumped into the ice-berg(!) and I'm hopeful of seeing you in the very next Saturday Afternoon Quiz!



Maulik !! said...

Happy Birthday Sanchit!!!!!! (dont know you yet but I guess birthday wishes are a good way to break the ice? :D )

Have a good one.

Joe said...

Happy birthday bro. May you win all kinda quizzes for the rest of your life! Have a bloody good one Sanchu. Catch you at SAQ..