Thursday, April 9, 2009

24: Identify the CEO


____ is of Turkish descent.____ was born 1952 in New York City, New York, USA where his father, Necdet was the Turkish consul-general.After completing the high school at Tarsus American College in Mersin, Turkey in 1971 _____ went to the United Kingdom to study at the University of Hull.He was a graduate in 1978 from the Department of Economics. Subsequently, _____ enrolled in the graduate program in administrative sciences at the City University, London and earned a master's degree in business administration from the Cass Business School of that university._____ returned then to Turkey for active military duty. Following his military service, he returned with a thousand dollars in his pocket to the United States, where he lived with his uncle in New York city.______ found a job at X(The comapny which he is the current CEO of) through a newspaper ad. He toured the country in trucks to sell X`s products, and thereby learned its distribution, marketing and logistics systems.

Answer :Muhtar kent, Chairman of The Coca-Cola Company(Nyse : KO )

Miraj , Eldrich and maulik have cracked the answer.

Roshan has been given half the points but later on we would request to give one answer.

Plzz Dont Google


Miraj C. Vora said...

Mukhtar Kent
Famous stories about him being the salesman on the truck of Coca Cola and all that..

Arun said...

"Plz Dont Google" is not going to work man. Try to keep the questions as un-google-able as possible. And then allow people to google if they want to. Sort of like Go Ogle by KQA.

PS: I googled this one also :D Good question.

roshan said...

orkut buyyokten or muhtar kent....i think both are turkish?

Eldrich said...

your last line gave a big clue...distribution and logistics...would mean Mukhtar Kent..excuse the spelling..

Mr. M Kent...

Maulik !! said...

This is the guy who became CEO and MD of CocaCola...Mr. Kent..

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