Thursday, April 30, 2009

90:Logo Dispute & It Was For Sale

X bought Y from Jayant Kochar(Current head of Lacoste India).Jayant ran around 25 shops in Chennai,Bangalore,Otty,Pune,Bombay,Delhi & Jaipur.Before acquisition of X, Jayant Kochar was sued by Gray-Nicolls for disputes over the logo & Jayant Kochar made according changes but the stock which was withheld according to court-orders due to the use of previous logo & 7 of his shops had to close down.Seeing the potential Y purchased this brand.

Answer:Peter England & Madura Garments

No Crackers

89:Broken Joint

X will pay Rs106 crore for the remaining 40% in its Vechicle joint venture after dwindling finances forced partner Y to focus on its core business.Referring to the significance of India as “a key to a completely new generation of products”, X said on Wednesday it would invest at least €700 million over four years to enter and eventually use the subcontinent as a bridgehead to other emerging markets.The two partners had originally planned to divide the investment in proportion to the size of their stakes.“Nothing has changed regarding our plans to manufacture Vechicles in Chennai. I’m counting on continued good relations with the Y, whose expertise regarding the Indian market is very important for us.”
Answer:Hero & Daimler

Gaurav,Vinay & Eldrich

88:Fonterra Time

Fonterra is New Zealand’s largest multinational company with revenue exceeding NZD $19.5 Billion. As a co-operative, Fonterra is owned by over 11,000 farmers, it is also the 6th largest dairy company in the world.The organization subsidary Fonterra Brands Ltd had 49% stake in ______ New Zealand Foods Pvt Ltd.On Apr28 2009 ____ agreed to buyout its 49% stake in ______ New Zealand Foods Pvt Ltd.Identify the company in talk?



Wednesday, April 29, 2009

87: Who Owns The Basketball Team

Answer:Paul Allen

Roshan,Susa,Vinay,Eldrich,Parag,Gaurav,Bipin,HellBlazer,Rohit Nair,Miraj

86:Which College

_______ is the third oldest management institute in India. ____ was established by the University of Mumbai in collaboration with the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. With a donation from the ____ Seva Trust.Dr.Chavan is its current director

Answer:Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

Vinay,Susa,Eldrich,Gaurav,Bipin,Hellblazer,Rohit Nair,Miraj

85:Ski Resort

______ Ski Resort is a ski resort located in a mountain range named Serra da Estrela, in the municipality of Seia, parish (freguesia) of Loriga, Portugal.It is a small ski resort with 4 ski lifts with 130 metres (426 feet) of vertical descent and 9 pistes, with a total length of 7.7 km (5 mi). ______ Ski Resort is best suited to beginner skiers and snowboarders but there is some terrain for both expert and intermediates.For snowboarders, there is a terrain park. The nearest city is Covilhã, 20 km (12.4 mi) away, and the nearest accommodations are situated in the village of Penhas da Saúde, 10 minutes away.Since 2005, the British ______ has sponsored the Portuguese winter resort and it has made improvements there.

Answer :Vodafone Ski Resort


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

83:Racing School

The ________ Racing Academy is an auto racing school located in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. It conducts corporate programs, racing schools, and a Mechanics Training Program .The school is the largest racing school of its type and was previously well-known for its F2000 racing series. However, in 2008 the F2000 series was cancelled, with the acquisition of ten new Van Diemen F2000 race cars.Corporate Events - follows a standard 1-4 session one-day program for companies of any size that desire special events to train, entertain, educate and reward. The three-day racing school - is designed as a race license course for aspiring drivers.


Vinay,Eldrich,Miraj,Bipin,Gaurav & Roshan

84:Da Car

The New Car by Bajaj.What has it been branded as?

Answer: Bajaj Lite

Dhawal,Aetos,Vinay,Eldrich,Bipin,Gaurav,Hell Blazer,Susa,Roshan

82:What Disease Has He Got

Michelin Tire Baby Syndrome

Cracked By:Vinay,Eldrich,Bipin,Gaurav,Roshan

81:Long One

It was founded by Jack Golomb in 1910, and later run by his son, Dan Golomb.The company is currently run by Adam Geisler.Seventeen year-old Jacob Golomb, the son of a tailor and an avid swimmer, was dissatisfied with swimsuits of the time that barley lasted a season, and began making suits that he guaranteed would last for a full year.He proudly gave them the name “____”. In 1917, a young fighter named Jack Dempsey introduced boxing to Golomb and ____. Dempsey asked Golomb to construct protective headgear that would last more that 15 rounds of intensive boxing training.Golomb special designed the training gear for Dempsey. In 1919, Dempsey won the world’s heavyweight championship wearing boxing gloves made for him by Golomb; ____ became the headquarters for boxing equipment throughout the world.____ produces a large quantity of boxing gloves and other boxing-related equipment such as heavy bags and headgear for amateur boxers.It also has granted a large number of licenses for a diverse range of products including men's and women's athletic apparel, sports-nutrition products, and athletic footwear.____ has been providing equipment for the reality television show The Contender. The video game Fight Night: Round 3 features equipment bearing the ____ name.In 2006, ____ released a fragrance, Original 1910.

Answer: Everlast

Eldrich,Roshan,Bipin & Gaurav have cracked the answer

Vinay im sorry man ur answer was incomplete & i wont b doing justice to others if i gave you the same reward

80:Sport Stuff

World Racquets champion H.J. founded the racket-making company H.J. and Sons in 1855. These two well-regarded manufacturers merged in the 1940s to form -.The brand continued to be well regarded worldwide in the 1950s and 60s. At one stage, Ted Dexter, Richie Benaud, Frank Worrell, John Reid and Trevor Goddard, who were the captains ,all used - equipments. During this time, - pioneered certain sport equipment technology, with major innovations including the revolutionary Steel Spring and the first shoulderless Superlite.



________ was launched in 1993 by Dr. Simon King, a British researcher at the University of Minnesota and Dr Badri Seshadri It grew thanks to the help of students and researchers at universities around the world. It initially operated as a volunteer-based collective, and started life as a simple IRC bot. It was soon made available via Gopher as well, and with the advent of the Mosaic web browser in April 1993 became one of the earliest content web sites on the Internet.While a company, ____ Ltd, was formed in 1996, ______ remained essentially a volunteer run operation until late 1999 and was not fully staffed until late 2000. The site was entirely reliant on contributions from avid fans around the world who spent many hours compiling data and contributing them to ______'s comprehensive archive, as well as keying in data from events around the world using ______'s software, "dougie".


Sunday, April 26, 2009

78: Identify

Identify the person above...

Ans: He is indeed Gilberto Benetton.
Gaurav and Bipin get it correct.

77: Sarkar!

Which famous international clothing brand takes it's name from an independent state of a major European country?

No one gets this one!

Ans: Think Sarkar --> Think Godfather --> Think Italian Mafia --> Think Sicily.

'SICILY' the southern Italian state of Sicily, famous for being the land where 'Mafia' originated!
The brand is widely considered as a step up from United Colors of Benetton.

76: Brand Logo

Whose Logo?
Ans: Saturn Motor Corporation [wholly owned by GM].
Gaurav, Vinay and Bipin have got it right!

75: Lodge for cricketers!

Identify the logo....

Ans: Southern Sun Hotels [IPL 2009 Sponsors]
Gaurav and Joe have given the right answer.

74: Find the person!

He took over his father's fashion boutique in Ourense in the early 1970s. He spent the following years developing his own designs, and finally made the big jump with a presentation of his work in Madrid in 1981. He also became the first Spanish designer to open his own brand-name store in Madrid, which soon mushroomed into a chain with outlets across Spain and abroad. Finally it went public (another first for a fashion designer), and became one of the Madrid stock market's hottest properties.

The big question, who is the person in context?

Ans:  Adolfo Dominguez
Vinay, Eldrich, Roshan, Gaurav and Joe have cracked it.

73: Quiz Connect ...




Connect them all... for one point.
[The delay in today's question is regretted!]

The gentlemen above are:
Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa
Prasad Bidappa
and Robin Uthappa!

Ans: The connect is Coorg/Kodagu. We can also add Rohan Bopanna and Nikhil Chinappa to list, amongst many others.

Eldrich gets it right.
Gaurav, we appreciate your updated answer, but we firmly believe that in quizzing the first answer is the last as well. Lookout for more new crackable questions!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

72: Kabutar ja ja!!!

Identify this drunken logo????

No one got the answer , it is:

71: Thank You!

Please tell us the company which has put this message on their website, and the reason (for one point).

Ans: Apple for 1 billion iTunes AppStore downloads.
AeToS, Parag, Gaurav and HellBlazer get it right.

70: For all the search fans!

Which search service uses this line on their home page:
'Stand on the shoulders of giants'.....?

Ans: Google Scholar []
Eldrich, Vinay, Gaurav and HellBlazer have given the right answer!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Identify this ITALIAN???

Answer: VITTORIO COLAO , CEO of Vodafone ( nyse : VOD ).

Eldrich , Roshan , Miraj , Gaurav T, and Bipin have cracked the answer.

We welcome Bipin to our blog.

68: PRINT ADS!!!



Identify both the PRINT AD??


Gaurav and Bipin have cracked the answer.


Gaurav , Bipin and AeTos have cracked the answer.

67: Brand On U !!!!

X was first produced in 1889 in Salina, Kansas . The company is currently headquartered in Merriam near Kansas city and is currently owned by Y .

The company was formed in 1889 by Harry David X as the X Mercantile Company at Salina , kansas to produce dungrees and jackets. To help promote the brand the Buddy X doll was created in 1920. Originally it was used as advertising in store windows but was later sold and for a time was the second best selling doll in the US.

Later in the 1920s X introduced a zipper fly and continued to expand.

In 1996 the company founded X National Denim Day, has raised over $70 million to help fund breast cancer programs.

Identify X and Y. ( FOR ONE POINT )

Ans: Lee and VF Corp.
AeToS, Roshan, Gaurav, Eldrich and Miraj get it right.


X is a worldwide electronic securities trading system based in Frankfurt , Germany. It was created for the Frankfurt stock exchange and launched in November, 1997. It is operated by Duetsche Borse.
The conception and the implementation of the X was carried out by Accenture and Deutsche Börse Systems, the technology division of Deutsche Börse.

Trivia: AUDI is listed on X as NSU.
Identify X

Answer: XETRA ("eXchange Electronic TRAding").

Miraj , Maulik , Eldrich , Gaurav T , Vinay RM , Hellblazer , Roshan have cracked the answer.

We welcome Hellblazer to our blog.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Answer: This is TOMMY HILFIGER

Eldrich, Miraj , Maulik, Vinay RM , Roshan, AeToS and Hellblazer have cracked the answer.

64: Connect....






Maulik , Eldrich and Gaurav T have cracked the answer.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

63: Curiously Hungry

You can't call Joe Manavalan just a chef or a confectioner or a baker or a restaurateur. This is because his passion for food goes beyond the call of duty. And it's obvious that he has made the science of preparing desserts a culinary art because there are no compromises on his food presentation.
According to Manavalan, this is an art he learnt from the master chefs during at Oberoi. The Europeans are unsurpassed when it comes to making and serving desserts. I attribute all that I learnt to them.

Though X Y has a family-kind of atmosphere, Manavalan says that the business itself is run professionally. I learnt systems and processes from my German chefs, creativity from my French chefs and traditional secrets from the Austrian and British chefs. Then he surprises you with titbits of food history: "Do you know how the pastry Black Forest was created? In Germany, on wintry days in the Black Forest, you can see thick cherry trees with a dark brown bark and fully covered with snow on top. Little red cherries peep from behind the snow. As the dessert looks exactly like the cherry trees in the wintry snow, it is called Black Forest."

Manavalan also believes in mixing business and philanthropy. For, on display at the parlour are works of art by lesser-known artists, which guests can pick up. "We charge no commission from the artist."
Which eatery are discussing here...?


Eldrich, Miraj , Omar, Gaurav , AeToS and Vinay RM have cracked the answer.

62: Logo Quiz!

Findout: [Obvious One!] Which company's logo....
Another point for mentioning the parent company!

Answer: HINO MOTORS , A Manufacturer of diesel trucks and buses.
The parent company is TOYOTA MOTOR ( NYSE: TM )

Gaurav T has cracked a brilliant answer.

61: IPL fever!!!!!!!!

1.Which FIVE teams have got a sponsorship deal from one of their owner itself...? ( name the team and brand )

2. Name the two Wrigley's brand which are sponsoring DLF IPL?

3. Give the funda behind Vivendi's tie up with BCCI!

A point each for all the 3 questions ( only on full answer).


1. The teams that have their sponsors in the form of owners are:-
a. Bangalore Royalchallengers- ROYAL CHALLENGE,
b. Delhi daredevils- GMR,
c. Chennai supperkings- INDIA CEMENTS,
d. Deccan chargers- DECCAN CHRONICLE,
e. Kings ll Punjab- DABUR GLUCOSE.

Eldrich has cracked the answer( all five ).

2. The brands are ORBIT and BOOMER.

Eldrich , Gaurav T, Miraj and AeToS have cracked the answer.

3. VIVENDI has got the rights to make an computer based game on the DLF IPL

Nobody has cracked the answer.

Monday, April 20, 2009

60:Funda Wanted

The Image shows Harald being baptised by Poppo the monk

Harald I (born c. 935) was the son of King Gorm the Old and of Thyra Dannebod. He died in 985 or 986 having ruled as King of Denmark from around 958 and king of Norway for a few years probably around 970. Some sources state that his son Sweyn forcibly deposed him as king.

Why Would He Be Known in the Tech World?

Answer: The technology of BLUETOOTH.

Miraj , Eldrich , Roshan, Gaurav T , Omar, AeToS and Vinay R M have cracked the answer.
We welcome Omar , AeToS and Vinay to our blog.

59:Again Connect






Answer: The connect is YALE UNIVERSITY !!

1 .Bill clinton - An alumni of YALE UNIVERSITY.
2.George .W.Bush - An alumni of YALE UNIVERSITY.
Roland W. Betts, a major financier of the movie was the alumni of YALE UNIVERSITY.
4 EA SPORTS- BING GORDON, co-founder, executive vice-president, and chief creative officer of Electronic Arts was also an alumni of YALE UNIVERSITY.
BOB GLASER, founder andc ceo of Realnetworks, was also an aumni of YALE UNIVERSITY.

NOBODY has cracked the answer.







1 .Sponsor of Rajasthan ROYALS

2. Aamir Bhasir brand ambassador

3. Sponsor of Hockey Team in Chak De India

4. L&T sold it to Aditya Birla Group

Miraj , Eldrich , Gaurav T and Omar have cracked the answer.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

57: Helping us go higher!

X (then known as Osakeyhtiö X Aktiebolag) was founded in 1910 as a subsidiary of Gottfr. Strömberg Oy. Strömberg's license to import Graham Brothers elevators was transferred to the new company. X sold just a few units before terminating the licensing agreement in 1917. X, then a company with only 50 employees, started to make and install its own elevators in 1918. Six years later, in 1924, entrepreneur Harald Herlin bought X from Strömberg and became the new chairman of the company's Board of Directors. His son, joined the company and was appointed technical director in 1928. Herlin took over as X' president in 1932. X's first foreign subsidiary - AB X Hissar of Sweden - was established in 1957.

In the 1950s X introduced its first group controls, automatic doors and hydraulic elevators. Heikki Herlin turned over the president's duties in 1964 to his son, Pekka, who had served as administrative director since 1958.

Significant Milestones:

  • 1985 – the acquisition of Montgomery Elevator's Canadian subsidiary opens an alliance with Montgomery in the U.S. that leads to the total integration of Montgomery into the X organization after 1994.
  • 1998 – X's alliance initiated with Toshiba of Japan.
  • 2002 – X acquires the industrial engineering company Partek.

Answer: KONE Corporation.

Miraj , Maulik , Gaurav T , Eldrich and Joe have cracked the answer.

Which Company?

56: Giving us all wings !!!!!!

Identify this logo???


Gaurav T has cracked the answer.

55: PRINT AD!!

Find the advertiser???

Answer: The advertiser in the above print ad is DOMINOS PIZZA
( Nyse : DPZ )

Maulik and Gaurav T have cracked the answer.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

54: Silver Jubilee

This famous brand is celebrating their 25 years...

Which brand?

Answer : This is MAGGI- Mein aur meri MAGGI.

Miraj , Maulik and Gaurav T have cracked the answer.

53: Click!

Figure out which brand uses the image above as their logo!

Answer: This is LEGRAND.

Miraj and Maulik have cracked the answer.

52: Newspaper wallah!

Recall [!] the person above...
Recalled: He is Rupert Murdoch, 'NewsCorp'-wallah!

Miraj, Eldrich and Roshan get it right!

Friday, April 17, 2009

51 : Thats a fifty!!!!

Connect an easy one??

Ans: It is indeed Kerry Packer

We welcome 'Johny Walker' to our blog!

Eldrich, Johny and Rohan get it right.

50: Citrification

Mario Gutiérrez Cotelo daughter ______ Cotelo(The drink was named after her) passed away due Citrus Nutritional Deficiency.His second daughter had the same disease and he attempted to make a citrus drink to save her from the disease.His efforts to save her dint prove succesful.Few days later in family function his citrus drink was served and it was well-appreciated by all family members.His wife started selling these drinks in market & there prodcution as well as sales grew.The drink was later sold to a turkish company (Yildiz Holding S.A.) .Yildiz Holding S.A. sold the drink to An American Giant in 1991.

Ans: The american giant... Pepsi, the drink Mirinda!


Identify this logo.

Ans: Look above!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Sanchit

Happy Birthday Sanchit
Plz convey ur wishes to Sanchit

I'd like to thank both my colleagues at this blog, for their greetings conveyed via this 'birthday' blog post! Thank you very much guys, for all your kind consideration!

Also, along with them both I also desire to thank Maulik for his greetings. Thank you Maulik, you've bumped into the ice-berg(!) and I'm hopeful of seeing you in the very next Saturday Afternoon Quiz!


48: Print AD

Print AD for what...?
Answer: This is a print AD for TIDE.
Miraj and Maulik have cracked another brilliant answer.

47: Tag line and the company

"Quality Makes It A X" - Is their tag line.
Give the company name.

Hint :

Answer: The company we are looking at is COLT-Quality makes it a COLT.

, Rohan , Rohit. k and Arun have cracked the answer.

46: Logo Quiz

Please identify the following logos, each one carries a point:







Logo 1: Aston Martin
Logo 2: TNT
Logo 3: Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital - ( A must see
Logo 4: SAAB
Logo 5: Red Dot Award for Product Design
Logo 6: The very first VW logo.

You all have got something or the other correct!

45: Car quiz

NOTE: 2 questions, a point each for both.

1. 'Stinger' is a new model of of an established car in the Indian car market. This model allows for a fair degree of customization as per customer preferences.

Which Car?

P.S.: This car features consistently in the top 10 cars sold (by number) per month in India, as per the data of the Society of the Indian Automobile Manufacturers.


Explain the relevance/importance of this car in context to Indian motoring.

Ans 1: Stinger is a variant of Mahindra Bolero.
Ans 2: The second question is about Morris Oxford, the car which underpins our humble old HM Ambassador!

Most of you have got one or the other question right, score sheet will be updated appropriately after verification.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

44: Connect & Please Explain





Answer: The connect is ' PARLE AGRO '

1. Kenya Airways - The Director of Parle Products Amol Chauhan died on a flight from Cameroon which was Kenya Airways.
2. Limca - An old brand of Parle agro was sold to Coca cola India
3. Hrithik Roshan - Brand ambassador of PARLE PRODUCTS - Hide & seek, Milano
4. Amir khan - Brand ambassador of PARLE PRODUCTS - Parle -g , Monaco.
Darsheel safary - Brand ambassador of PARLE PRODUCTS- Parle -g.

Miraj and Maulik have cracked this answer.