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540:Logo Of


539:What Is It

The first purpose-built _______ were made from panels of leather stitched together with a rubber bladder inside. A cloth lining was added to the leather for support and uniformity.A moulded version of the early _______ was invented in 1942. From 1967 through 1976, the _______ used a distinctive red, white and blue _______ that is still seen from time to time. For many years, leather was the material of choice for _______ coverings, however in the late 1990s, composite materials were put forth and have rapidly gained acceptance in most leagues due to their superior performance in harsh outdoor game conditions. A survey in 2007 showed that there were approximately 300 million _______ in the United States.


538:K C Das

The _______ is a very popular cheese based, syrupy sweet dish that originated in Orissa.It is supposed to have been a traditional Oriya dish for centuries. Arguably, the best _______ in Orissa are made by the Kar brothers, the descendants of a local confectioner, Bikalananda Kar, in the town of Salepur, near Cuttack.Another variant of this dish that is made in the town of Pahala, located between the cities of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, is also very popular locally. One theory pinpoints the origin of the _______ to the town of Puri in coastal Orissa, where it is a traditional offering to the Hindu goddess, Lakshmi, the consort of the Puri temple's main deity, Jagannath. In fact, it is an age-old custom inside the temple to offer _______s to Lakshmi in order to appease her wrath for ignoring her, after the commencement of the annual chariot festival.The recipe for making _______ eventually made its way from Orissa to neighboring West Bengal. This was during the Bengal renaissance when brahmin cooks from Orissa, especially from Puri, were routinely employed in richer Bengali households. They were famed for their culinary skills and commonly referred to as Ude Thakurs.As a result, many Oriya delicacies got incorporated into the Bengali kitchen. It is widely believed that in 1868, Nobin Chandra Das of Bagbazar, Kolkata, modified the original recipe to extend the shelf life of the highly perishable sweet and make it marketable.Nevertheless, Das earned the sobriquet, "_______'s Columbus" within local circles. His son, K. C. Das started canning _______leading to their even wider availability. These became known as the sponge _______.


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_______ was founded in 1995 by Subrah Iyar and Min Zhu. Zhu co-founded Future Labs in 1991.Zhu met Iyar, then a vice president and general manager of Quarterdeck Inc., when Quarterdeck acquired Future Labs in 1996. Iyar was named president of Future Labs, which had been made a Quarterdeck subsidiary, and the same year Iyar and Min went on to co-found _______. On March 15, 2007, Cisco Systems announced it would acquire _______ for $3.2 billion.


537:Which Term

_______ is a term sometimes used to refer to English-speaking and European people born between roughly 1975-1986 , a generation whose adolescence and coming of age is perceived to have been heavily influenced by 1990s era popular culture in general and mass media in particular. Their early psychosocial exposure to these factors is thought to have been unprecedented and, along with peer pressure, resulted in a peculiar, homogenous youth culture defined by a deep appreciation of the fashion trends, perspective, attitude and music popularized by _______ and similar media.That rose to prominence in the late 1980s.

Ans:MTV Generation

535:So Sad Debeers

De Beers, sold the 104-year-old Cullinan Diamond Mine to the Petra Diamonds for around $150 million in 2007.

Today Its Common Sense De Beers Regrets It Decision??


507 -carat diamond was found in Cullinan Diamond Mine

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534:Who Is He

_______ was Chairman, Director, and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company from August 1980 until his death in October 1997.
Under the direction of _______, investors saw The Coca-Cola Company become a top US corporation. He is credited with invigorating the company with a global vision. In the process, he created more wealth for shareholders than any other CEO in history.A year after returning to Cuba to work in his family's business, replying to an anonymous want ad in his local newspaper, _______ found himself working for the Coca-Cola bottler in Cuba. A short time later he was promoted to Chief Technical Director of five Cuban bottling plants.After defecting to the United States, _______ worked for The Coca-Cola Company in Miami. He was re-assigned to Nassau, Bahamas as a Chemist for the Caribbean region.In 1964 he was moved to the headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia. At the age of 35, he became Vice President of Technical Research and Development. He remains the youngest person to hold this position at The Company. In 1975, he was promoted to lead the Legal and External Affairs department.During his tenure, the Coca-Cola brand became the most well-known trademark in the world. He introduced the Coke slogans "Coke is it!", "You Can't Beat the Feeling" and "Always Coca-Cola". He launched Diet Coke, as well as the ill-fated New Coke.He also sat on the Board of Directors for various companies, including, SunTrust Banks, Inc., The Ford Motor Company, and The Eastman Kodak Company.

Ans:Roberto Goizueta

533:Whose He

_______ was born in Detroit.On October 4, 2007, _______ was awarded honorary citizenship of Lausen, Switzerland. His father had worked in Belgium as a manager at Ford Motor Co in the 1960s. In 1990 _______ married Connie Snyder, who was on Microsoft's PR team at the Waggener Group in the '80s. They have three children. _______'s maternal grandparents lived in Pinsk, Belarus.It has been reported that _______ belongs to Mensa and has an IQ of over 135. He grew up in Farmington Hills, Michigan. In 1973, he graduated from Detroit Country Day School, a high school, and now sits on its board of directors. In 1977, he graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and economics. While in college, _______ managed the football team, worked on The Harvard Crimson newspaper as well as the Harvard Advocate.

Ans:Steve Ballmer

532:What is it

_______ is an international company specializing in the remanufacturing of ink and toner cartridges for consumer printing. Run under independently operated franchises, the company also sells compatible cartridges and printing accessories. All cartridge refilling is done in house, typically using vacuum injection for ink and manual repair to toner cartridges. The company was founded in Australia, but their international headquarters were recently relocated to its North America headquarters in Emeryville, California.The company was originally called Australian Cartridge Co and was started by Bryan Stokes in 1991. He was joined several years later by Paul Wheeler who helped the company grow. In 1999 the company's name was changed to _______. In 2004, they were growing at roughly one store in the U.S. per day. They currently have over 1,600 stores open worldwide ._______ operates on a franchise system and doesn't require store operators to have any prior technical skills.

Ans:Catridge World

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531:Management Term

The Office In The Picture is filled with cubicles
What is the term given to such a office in Management


529:Give Fundae


Ans:HP-Compaq Merger

530:Which Apple Was This

_____ nicknamed "the Diesel" for his reputed around-the-clock work habits, was president and CEO of Apple from 1993 to 1996.Having joined Apple in 1980, he rose through the ranks in Apple's European operations as President of Apple Europe and was chosen to take over as CEO when John Sculley was ousted by Apple's board of directors in June 1993._______ presided over several successful projects, such as the introduction of the PowerPC, as well as some major failures, including the Newton and the Copland operating system. He also engaged in takeover discussions with IBM, Sun Microsystems and Philips, but when these went nowhere.

Ans:Michael Spindler

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528:Walk When You Talk

Idea,Motorola & LG have a common brand ambassador who is it?

Ans:Abhishek Bachan

527:Dont Console The Name | Name The Console

Microsoft _______ is the general name given to the family of digital game controllers developed by Microsoft for PCs. Although intended only for use with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft _______ game controllers can also be used with Apple's Mac OS X and Linux.The _______ describes many types of Microsoft's PC game controllers including joysticks, gamepads and steering wheels. Several types of joysticks were made, including the Force Feedback 2, the 3D Pro, and the regular _______ joystick. Also, several types of gamepads were made, such as the original game port version, a plug-and-play game port version, and the USB version. Steering wheels are the Precision Racing Wheel and the Force Feedback Wheel variants which include throttle and brake pedals.

Ans:Microsoft Sidewinder

526:Which Act

The _______ Act 1734 was an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain passed in 1734 to give protections to producers of engravings. It is sometimes called “Hogarth's Act” after William Hogarth, whose work prompted the law. Historian Mark Rose notes, "The Act protected only those engravings that involved original designs and thus, implicitly, made a distinction between artists and mere craftsmen. Soon, however, Parliament was persuaded to extend protection to all engravings."This Act is very significant in the business these days?


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525:Linea & Punto

Linea & Punto are brand of Cars from which company?


524:Who Owns These Brands

Royal Club
Old Trafford
Wall Street

Ans:Aditya Birla Nuvo

523:Red Cross

_______ registered the Red Cross as a U.S. trademark for "medicinal and surgical plasters" in 1905, and has used the design since 1887.The Geneva Conventions, which reserved the Red Cross emblem for specific uses, were first approved in 1864 and ratified by the United States in 1882; however, the emblem was not protected in U.S. law for the use of the American Red Cross and the U.S. military until after _______ had obtained its trademark. A clause in this law permits pre-existing uses of the Red Cross, such as _______'s, to continue.A declaration made by the U.S. upon its ratification of the 1949 Geneva Conventions includes a reservation that pre-1905 U.S. domestic uses of the Red Cross, such as _______'s, would remain lawful as long as the cross is not used on "aircraft, vessels, vehicles, buildings or other structures, or upon the ground", uses which could be confused with its military uses.This means that the U.S. did not agree to any interpretation of the 1949 Geneva Conventions that would overrule _______'s trademark. Even as it disputes a recent lawsuit by _______, the American Red Cross continues to recognize the validity of _______'s trademark.In August 2007, _______ filed a lawsuit against the American Red Cross (ARC), demanding that the charity halt the use of the red cross symbol on products it sells to the public, though the company takes no issue with the charity's use of the mark for non-profit purposes.In May, 2008, the judge in the case dismissed most of _______'s claims and a month later the two organizations announced a settlement had been reached in which both parties would continue to use the symbol

Ans:Johnson & Johnson

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522:Aircel Quiz

Who is The Brand Ambassador of Aircel?

Ans:MS Dhoni

521:Which Company Owns The Up!

The _______ up! is a series of city car concepts that is the basis for the next generation _______ Lupo. Current plans for the lineup include saloon, cabriolet, two-seater, and microvan variants of the vehicle.It will be manufactured in Bratislava, Slovakia.The series debuted in the 2007 motor show calendar year starting with the _______ up! at the Frankfurt Auto Show.


520:Whose This CEO

In 1994 _______ joined the Board of Directors of Apple. After his resignation from National Semiconductor _______ became Apple CEO on 2 February 1996, succeeding Michael Spindler. His salary was a reported $990,000 plus bonuses and a $5 million loan. He also received approximately $100,000 for the use of his business jet by Apple the previous year according to the section "Certain Transactions" in the Apple Proxy Statement for 1996._______ cited several problems at Apple including a shortage of cash and liquidity, low quality products, lack of a viable operating system strategy, undisciplined corporate culture, and fragmentation in trying to do too much and in too many directions. To address these problems _______ cut costs, reduced Apple's work force by one third, discontinued the Copland operating system project, and oversaw the development of Mac OS 8.To replace Copland and fulfill the need for a next generation operating system _______ started negotiations to buy BeOS from Be Inc. but negotiations stalled when Be CEO Jean-Louis Gassée demanded $200 million; Apple was unwilling to offer more than $125 million. In November 1996 _______ started discussions with Steve Jobs' NeXT, and bought the company on 4 February 1997 for $429 million. NeXT's operating system became the basis for Mac OS X. _______ later stated he felt he'd overpaid for NeXT.

Ans:Gil Amelio

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519:RE 600

RE600 Cargo is a 3-Wheller Cargo Vehicle From?


518:Indias First Anroid Phone

Tata Docomo Launched Indias first Anroid phone in Alliance With.It Has Been Branded As Galaxy?


517:Ford Quiz

Ford CEO Unveild a hatchback what has it been branded as?

Ans:Ford Figo

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516:Sub Brand Of Vehicles of


515:Which Brand

_______ is the largest manufacturer of its industry in India.Distributed across two plant – Sikandrabad at Uttar Pradesh and Gailpur at Rajasthan.The company annual production capacity of ceramic tiles can cover 7,894 football fields.It was promoted by Shri Ashok Kumar _______, his associate and _______ Exports Ltd.The Company entered into a technical colloboration agreement with Todagres S.A., Spain


514:Which Brand

_______ is the happy outcome of the heady nationalistic wave that had engulfed all Indians during the pre-Independence era. Its founder, Gourmohan Dutta, belonged to the rich merchant class of Calcutta. He was already an established trader of imported goods, when he decided to join the Swadeshi movement. A practical patriot, he was convinced that the best way to help India was to contribute to her economic self-sufficiency. To actively do this, he decided to manufacture products of a quality equivalent to their foreign counterparts. It was a daunting task. Many dissuaded him against this venture. But Gourmohan Dutta followed his heart. He stopped importing goods altogether. With a glorious dream of free and self-sufficient India in his heart, he started manufacturing medicines. One of them would be the legendary green tube – _______. It had a humble beginning in his house in 1929. The celebrated journey had begun. To establish the brand identity, the logo was developed carefully. For all Indians, and especially the merchant class, the Elephant God – or Ganesha – has an enormous significance. The elephant signifies steadiness. It is also synonymous with success or ‘siddhi‘. Keeping these in mind, Dutta chose the elephant as _______’s logo.hoping that it would bestow luck and spell success for what was still considered a reckless venture. The logo caught on immediately. In the rural heartland and for the millions who cannot read, _______ is still known as the ‘hathiwala cream’ (cream with the elephant logo).


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______ will equip referees, officials and UEFA staff at the 2012 and 2016 European Championships in a deal reached with Europe's organizing body for football.The agreement with ______ also covers all other national-team competitions from 2010 to 2017.______ has extended its long-term partnership by gaining retail rights for the first time.


512:What Is This??

22-year-old Harsh Narang, an IIT-Delhi final year student (MTech), has joined hands with three students from the institute, two from Delhi University and one from BITS-Pilani, to set up '______' that subsidises photocopying for students across various colleges in the capital."We have tied up with photocopiers of 25 colleges in Delhi whereby let's say a photocopy costs 75 paise per copy, we give it you for just 50 paise. If it is for 50 paise, we give it you for 40 paise. For every 20 sheets you photocopy, you get a scratch card which has to be registered through our website. The scratch cards give you points equal to the money spent by you," Narang said.Explaining further, he said his firm has tied up with numerous companies like Fast Track, Cafe Coffee Day and Nirula's, among others, through which they dole out freebies and also act as a platform for advertisers to target specific audience.


511:Who Just Bought It


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510:Which Website is a user-generated content and consumer review site on the Internet. is structured as social media company providing word-of-mouth recommendations in the form of user generated product reviews, consumer blogs, micro-reviews, comparison shopping data and video reviews. The company is headquartered in Mumbai (Bombay), India and according to India's largest newspaper, The Times of India, continues to be the leader in the user-generated content space in India.According to the Economic Times, India's largest business newspaper, Faisal Farooqui pioneered the auto-rickshaw advertising in India when painted the backs of auto-rickshaws with its logos across Mumbai.The Wall Street Journal states websites such as and youtube are alternative channels for advertisers to get consumer feedback.In an interview to CNBC available on, Faisal reveals that the inspiration for came to him while he was at school at State University of New York at Binghamton. He reveals the reasons why he chose the name "_______" for a platform that encourages consumers to voice their opinion.


_______ was founded in 1967 by brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, and then partner, Bengt Hellsten in Stockholm, Sweden._______ then expanded and had its first UK Consultant in 1970. Following this _______ Ireland opened as a licensee in 1972. _______ published their catalogues in the UK for the first time in 1988. The company then expanded and in 2006 _______ UK and Ireland became part of the Premier Direct Group.The company get its name from the red silk banner of St Denis, which the abbot of St Denis gave to French kings as they rode to war.


508:Sake Dean

_______ originally meant head massage in several North Indian languages. Both the word and the concept were introduced to Britain from colonial India. The word _______ in English is derived from Hindi.Its English usage in Anglo-Indian dates to 1762.In India the term _______ was used for head massage, usually with some form of hair oil.The term and service was introduced in Britain by a Bengali entrepreneur Sake Dean Mahomed in 1814, when Dean, together with his Irish wife, opened a _______ bath known as 'Mahomed's Indian Vapour Baths' in Brighton, England. His baths were like Turkish baths where clients received an Indian treatment of _______ or therapeutic massage. His service was appreciated; he received the high accolade of being appointed ‘_______ Surgeon’ to both George IV and William IV.In the 1900s, the meaning of the word shifted from the sense of massage to that of applying to the hair.During the early stages of _______, English hair stylists boiled shaved soap in water and added herbs to give the hair shine and fragrance. Kasey Hebert was the first known maker of _______, and the origin is currently attributed to him.


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507:Which Product

The United States military have regularly supplied soldiers with _______ since World War I because it helped both to improve the soldiers' concentration and to relieve stress.As of 2005, the U.S. military is sponsoring development of a _______ formulation with an antibacterial agent that could replace conventional oral hygiene methods in the battlefield. This product is not expected to be available for use for some time to come.Recently, the U.S. armed forces have been providing troops with caffeinated _______ to keep soldiers alert for extended periods of time without experiencing fatigue or drowsiness. Each stick of _______ has approximately 100 mg of caffeine in it, about the same amount in an average cup of coffee. Although _______ is provided in the U.S. military MREs, it is often strongly discouraged for a troop to be seen _______ while standing in formation. _______ was introduced into New Zealand Defence Force ration packs in May 2007 by New Zealand Defence Dental Services to aid oral health care for service personnel in the field. _______ also aids in relief of stress.

Ans:Chewing Gum

506:Which Honda

The Honda _______ was a concept car created by the automobile division of Honda. The _______ was first introduced at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. The _______ was designed to fit the needs of both a person and their dog.The _______ was designed to fit the needs of both man and man's best friend. The _______ was built with a low center of gravity, giving the _______ a more stable driving experience.It also sports a state-of-the-art instrument panel featuring a lid that reveals a crate to carry smaller dogs. The _______ also features average ventilation and a center walk-through, allowing dogs to walk around the car.

Ans:Honda WOW

505:Ownership Issues

Who Owns This Company


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The Gillette _______ is a five-bladed razor released in 2006. There are two different versions of the _______ available: the Gillette _______, and the Gillette _______ Power. All share the characteristic five blades on the front, and a single sixth blade on the rear that Gillette claims acts as a "precision trimmer". In addition, the _______ Power is battery powered and emits "micropulses" that are claimed to increase razor glide.In February 2007, the _______ Power Phantom was released which featured a redesigned handle and a darker color scheme than the original _______ Power.In February 2008, Gillette released another revision, the _______ Power Phenom, with a new blue and silver color scheme.

Ans:Gillette Fusion

503:Identify Y

The ||| X ||| Pod was a concept car created by the automobile marque ||| X ||| in collaboration with ||| Y |||. The Pod was first shown at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show. The Pod was unique as it was designed with artificial intelligence systems built in to make the car appear more personal.The Pod was much like a living being due to the AI programmed into it. The featured a screen inside with ||| Y |||-created software running on it, capable of creating shopping lists and running music and radio. The car could also judge the attitude and mood of the driver based on their reactions and how they are driving, and could offer advice on how to improve their current mood. The seats inside are like stools which could freely spin and rotate. On the exterior, the Pod could express its own feelings with coloured LEDs - red for anger, yellow for happy, blue for sad - and an antenna that wags, much like a dog's tail. The Pod was designed as a "car of the future" and hence was never put into production.The Pod was featured in the game Gran Turismo Concept and had an exclusive race to itself. A new track - using segments from the Clubman Stage Route 5 course - was created which involved 6 Pods driving through the pitlane backwards before stopping in a special area for several seconds before being allowed to resume racing.

Ans:Toyota & Sony

502:Change The World Or Sell Sugared Water

Apple chose _______ because they wanted him to apply his marketing skills to the personal computer market, particularly to the Macintosh.Also, Apple's president and co-founder, Mike Markkula, wanted to retire and believed that Steve Jobs, who wished to be the company's president, lacked the discipline and temperament needed to run Apple on a daily basis. _______, with his conventional business background and considerable recent success, would give Apple an image of greater reliability and stability._______ raised the initial price of the Macintosh to $2,495 from the originally planned $1,995, using the additional money for higher profit margins and expensive advertising campaigns.

Ans:John Sculley

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501:What Invention

_______ have evolved over the centuries from the earliest models which were made from animal skins gathered up and tied around the ankles.In the 8th century BC, the Ancient Greeks wore _______ from matted animal hair for warmth. The Romans also wrapped their feet with leather or woven fabrics. By the 5th century AD, _______ called ‘puttees’ were worn by holy people in Europe to symbolise purity. By 1,000 AD, _______ became a symbol of wealth among the nobility. From the 16th century onwards, an ornamental design on the ankle or side of a _______ has been called a clock.The invention of a knitting machine in 1589 meant that _______ could be knitted six times faster than by hand. Nonetheless, knitting machines and hand knitters worked side by side until 1800.The next revolution in _______ production was the introduction of nylon in 1938. Until then _______ were commonly made from silk, cotton and wool. Nylon was the start of blending two or more yarns in the production of _______, a process that still continues.


500:Which Auto Brand

In 1920 when the biggest bakery in salt lake city gave them the order for trucks their business started to grow

CLUE:-Now a part of the Chrysler Group



The Alessandro Volta is a concept car developed in the collaboration of _______ and the Italian design company Italdesign Giugiaro. The concept vehicle named after Alessandro Volta, the Italian physicist who invented the battery, was officially unveiled at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show and it is a study of a hybrid electric sports car.The concept never materialized as a production car due to high costs involved.The car was built on a carbon fiber chassis and seats three people abreast.


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498:What Is It

The _______ is a subsidiary of the Best Buy Company and is based in Richfield, Minnesota. Originally founded in 1994 by Robert Stephens, the company offers various computer-related services and accessories for residential and commercial clients. The _______ provides services in-store, on-site, and over the internet via remote access, and also provides 24-hour telephone and emergency on-site support.The company's brand is a combination of 1960s NASA, U.S. law enforcement, pop culture themes.

Ans:Geek Squad

497:Whose The Parent Company

The Companies Logo

The _______ Aircraft Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the _______ that has developed the prototype _______Jet and is slated to manufacture and market the production version of the aircraft. The company was formed as a separate entity in August 2006 under the leadership of president and CEO Michimasa Fujino.The corporate headquarters are located at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina, where the prototype _______Jet was also developed and flight tested. In February, 2007, the _______ Aircraft Company announced plans to build a 214,000-square-foot office and manufacturing facility in Greensboro to support _______Jet production for deliveries in 2010. In April, 2009, the company announced a delayed schedule with test flights in early 2010 and deliveries beginning in late 2011.

Tell Me The Parent Company


496:Which Car

The Toyota _______ is a city car first introduced as a concept at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show.Toyota later revealed the production version at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show, with Japanese sales beginning in October 2008 and UK sales in January 2009.The name _______, an initialism of the term _______, recalls a competitor, the Smart Fortwo.It was Japanese Car of the Year for 2008.The _______ was initially designed at Toyota Europe Design Development , Toyota's design studio in Nice, France.

Ans:Toyota iQ

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495:Which AutoMobile Term

The word _______ is possibly derived from a southern Italian dialect derivative of Italian word for "chair". However, Portuguese and Spanish navigators and colonists encountered litters of various sorts in India, Japan, Mexico, and Peru. They were imported into Spain in the late sixteenth century. Soon the fashion spread into France and then England.The derivation from the town of _______ in France, where it was said to have been made or first used, lacks historical evidence, according to OED. The word _______ was later used to refer to a litter or windowed box containing a passenger seat carried by two or more bearers.


494:Which Brand

______ is a line of dermatology products owned by Johnson & Johnson.The brand was originally developed by Revlon as a line of sensitive skin personal care items in 1957. The "_______" name was based on products that contained no fragrance or dyes, and left no residue after rinsing. The original line featured shampoos, conditioners and facial skincare products. In 1991, Revlon sold _______ to Johnson and Johnson.Johnson and Johnson repositioned _______ within the market, focusing on acne; the products are similar to their Neutrogena line, but less expensive. Their primary focus is on skincare of young women but has extended their range to include products treating a wider range of conditions, recently launching a line of products "SOFT" focused on facial moisturizing. _______ is currently available in 46 countries.

Ans:Clean & Clear

493:Who Owns LaserWriter

The _______ LaserWriter was one of the first laser printers available to the mass market. The combination of the LaserWriter printer with its built-in PostScript interpreter, publishing software Aldus PageMaker, and the GUI-based Macintosh, was an industry-standard configuration at the beginning of the desktop publishing (DTP) revolution.


Monday, September 14, 2009

492:Who & Who

Robert Wood _______, inspired by a speech by antisepsis advocate Joseph Lister, joined brothers James Wood _______ and Edward Mead _______ to create a line of ready-to-use surgical dressings in 1885. The company produced its first products in 1886 and incorporated in 1887.Robert Wood _______ served as the first president of the company. He worked to improve sanitation practices in the nineteenth century, and lent his name to a hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Upon his death in 1910, he was succeeded in the presidency by his brother James Wood _______ until 1932, and then by his son, Robert Wood _______ II.Jamie _______, great-grandson of the founder, made a documentary called Born Rich about the experience of growing up as the heir to one of the world's greatest fortunes.

Ans:Jhonson & Jhonson


I-flex Solutions Limited who owns it now


490:Spic And Span

He started off with a scooter factory in Mumbai and later became the Director of the Indian Aluminium Company at a young age. He was instrumental in founding the Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation (SPIC) and served as the chairman till his death. He was the Mayor of Madras in 1955._______ became the Vice President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India in India in 1956, President from 1960-61 to 1962-63 and treasurer for about twenty years. He was the head of Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) for 32 years. He was also the President of All India Lawn Tennis Association from 1963 to 1966.He played a significant role in the negotiations between the TNCA and the Madras Cricket Club over the construction of a stadium on the Club's ground in Chepauk. Completed in 1980, this stadium was later named _______ Stadium in his honour. _______ was the son of Raja Annamalai Chettiar, a noted businessman and philanthropist. His son A. C. Muthiah was also a President of BCCI.

Ans:M. A. Chidambaram

Sunday, September 13, 2009

489:Which Retail

Chenniappan is the Chairman of _______.It is also one of the oldest supermarket chains in India. Also, unlike almost all other supermarkets and grocery shops in India, _______ sells its own products among other brands.The origin of this supermarket chain can be traced back to Chenniappan's father Muthusamy Mudaliar, who was a mail runner for the British in colonial India. Muthusamy carried letters and cheques for the British from Mettupalayam to the hill stations of Ooty and Coonoor. Chenniappan expanded the company by setting up a modest store in Bengaluru to sell _______' own products. However, after Chenniappan's visit to the U.S. and Europe, this modest store was expanded into a supermarket. Though Chenniappan was influenced by the supermarket concept in the U.S. and Europe, he developed the _______ supermarket to fit in with the local culture and set guidelines for its growth. Soon, the _______ supermarket chain spread to Chennai, Erode and Coimbatore


488:X & Y

||| X ||| & ||| Y ||| was founded in 1873 by Richard ||| X ||| and William ||| Y ||| as ||| X ||| and ||| Y ||| Ltd. The company was formed to make cigarettes for the then Prince of Wales, Albert Edward. Alfred Paged ||| Y ||| succeeded his father in the business in 1885, the same year which Richard ||| X ||| left the business. The 1900s saw branches of ||| X ||| & ||| Y ||| Ltd. opening in the United States and Canada. In 1928, the American branch became independent, and was bought by Philip Morris in 1958 who also purchased the Canadian branch in 1960. ||| X ||| & ||| Y ||| Ltd in the UK was acquired by Gallaher Limited in 1955.A Royal Warrant was issued to the British company in 1878, after the required five years of supply to the Royal Family. This was revoked in 1999 due to a "lack of demand in the royal households".

Ans:Benson & Hedges

487:XY Inc

||| XY ||| Company is an international energy corporation with its headquarters located in Houston, Texas, and with offices located worldwide. It is the fifth largest private sector energy corporation in the world and is one of the six "supermajor" vertically integrated oil companies. Its fuel stations are known by the ||| X |||, ||| Y ||| 66 and 76 brands. ||| XY ||| was created through the merger of ||| X ||| Inc. and the ||| Y ||| Petroleum Company on August 30, 2002.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

486:Its Time U Find Out The Time

_______ is a brand of Swiss watches from Grenchen, Canton of Solothurn . The watchmaker offers Certified Chronometers designed primarily for aviation use, though most frequently worn as high-end luxury watches. _______'s watches offer aviation functions, though their chronograph functions have become more of status symbols than practically applied tools. They typically have a large face for better visibility and to allow display of more information on the analog dials. Many models feature an automatic winding mechanism that is purely mechanical . Many _______ watches are equipped with additional functions such as the flyback function, split-second, moon phase, date display and other complications.All _______ watches are manufactured in Switzerland and are made from Swiss components. Raw movements are obtained from ETA and Valjoux and are modified in the _______ Chronometrie Workshops before._______ was a sponsor of Team Bentley during their Le Mans 24 Hours campaign, running from 2001-2003. To commemorate this event, _______ created the Limited Edition _______ Bentley 24 Le Mans Watch


485:Future Is Bright

Microtel Communications Ltd. was formed in April 1990 as a consortium comprising Pactel Corporation, British Aerospace, Millicom and French company Matra . In 1991 Microtel was awarded a license to develop a mobile network in the UK, and in July 1991 Hutchison Telecommunications (UK) Ltd acquired Microtel from BAe. BAe was paid in Hutchison Telecommunications (UK) Ltd. shares, giving the company a 30% share. Hutchison Whampoa held 65% and Barclays Bank the remaining 5%. Microtel was renamed _______ . in 1994. The _______ brand was created by an internal team at Microtel headed by Chris Moss (Marketing Director) and supported by Martin Keogh, Rob Furness and Ian Pond. The brand consultancy Wolff Olins was charged with designing the brand values and logo and advertising agency WCRS created the _______ slogan ._______ plc was formed in 1995 as a holding company for the _______ group. France Telecom formed the present company in 2001 after acquiring _______ plc and merging its existing mobile operations into the company. The company was initially 100% owned by France Telecom .


484:Which Was The System

Jobs and several Apple employees including Jef Raskin visited Xerox PARC in December 1979 to see the Xerox Alto. Xerox granted Apple engineers three days of access to the PARC facilities in return for $1 million in pre-IPO Apple stock.Jobs was immediately convinced that all future computers would use a GUI, and development of a GUI began for the Apple _____.


Friday, September 11, 2009

483:Which Company

On July 1, 1989, West Germany's state-owned postal monopoly, Deutsche Bundespost was reorganized, with telecommunications consolidated in a new Deutsche Bundespost Telekom unit; this was renamed Deutsche Telekom in 1995, and began to be privatized in 1996.The analog first-generation C-Netz was Germany's first true mobile phone network and was introduced in 1985. Following German reunification in 1990, it was extended to the former East Germany.On July 1, 1992, the Deutsche Bundespost Telekom began to operate Germany's first GSM network, along with the C-Netz, as its DeTeMobil subsidiary. In 1996, as Deutsche Telekom began to brand its subsidiaries with the _____, the network was renamed ______; the C-Netz, in the process of being wound down, was not rebranded, and was shut down in 2000. In 2002, as Deutsche Telekom consolidated its international operations, it anglicized the _______ name as _______, although sometimes also using the name T-D1 within Germany. It is still common for Germans to refer to _______.


482:Which Companies History

_______ was established in 1807 when Charles _______ opened a print shop in Manhattan. The company was the publisher of such 19th century American literary figures as James Fenimore Cooper, Washington Irving, Herman Melville, and Edgar Allan Poe, as well as of legal, religious, and other non-fiction titles. During the second industrial revolution, _______ shifted its focus to scientific, technical, and engineering subject areas, abandoning its literary interests. The company acquired its present name in 1876, when John’s second son William H. _______ joined his brother Charles in the business. Through the 20th century, the company expanded its publishing activities business, the sciences, and higher education. Since the establishment of the Nobel Prize in 1901, _______ and its acquired companies have published the works of more than 350 Nobel Laureates, in every category in which the prize is awarded

Ans:John Wiley & Sons

481:Famous Landmark In Palo Alto

Famous Landmark In Palo Alto
Give Fundae
Ans:HP Garage In PaloAlto

Thursday, September 10, 2009

480:Who Owns This Product(Sitter)

Who Owns This Product?

Ans:Hindustan Unilever

479:Norway HUH

_______ started off in 1855 as a state-operated monopoly, named Telegrafverket as a provider of telegraph services. The first ideas for a telegraph were launched within the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1848, but by 1852 the plans were public and the Parliament of Norway decided on a plan for constructing the telegraph throughout the country. Televerket began by building from Christiania to Sweden as well as between Christiania and Drammen. By 1857 the telegraph had reached Bergen via Sørlandet and by 1871 it had reached Kirkenes . Cable connections were opened to Denmark in 1867 and to Great Britain in 1869. The telegraph was most important for the merchant marine who now could use the electric telegraph to instantly communicate between different locations, and get a whole new advantage within logistics.


478:Which Publishing Houses History

_______ was a Scottish printing company founded by a Presbyterian schoolmaster, William _______, in Glasgow in 1819, in partnership with Charles Chalmers, the younger brother of Thomas Chalmers, minister of Tron Church, Glasgow. The company had to overcome many early obstacles, and Charles Chalmers left the business in 1825. The company eventually found success in 1841 as a printer of Bibles, and in 1848 _______'s son Sir William _______ developed the firm as a publishing venture, specializing in religious and educational books. The company was renamed William _______, Sons and Co Ltd. in 1868.Although the early emphasis of the company had been on religion and education, _______ also published more widely. In 1917, with Sir Godfrey _______ in charge, the firm started publishing fiction. William _______, Sons and Co Ltd. published all but the first six of Agatha Christie's novels._______ ultimately became a diverse and prolific publisher, publishing a wide range of titles, including many aimed at a juvenile audience. By the late 1970s, Wm _______ & Sons was also responsible for publishing the long-running American Childrens' Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series in the United Kingdom.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Telefónica Europe plc is a European telecommunications company providing both fixed and mobile communication products, usually under the styled brand _______ .After a five year period of independence the _______ group was acquired by Telefónica of Spain on 23 January 2006 in what was described at that time as the biggest all-cash takeover in the history of the telecommunications industry.Following the £17.7 billion cash purchase by Telefónica the company was renamed Telefónica _______ Europe plc.


476:Which Hairy Company

The company was founded in 1986 by Nigel Newton, who had previously been employed by other publishing companies. It was floated as a public registered company in 1995, raising £5.5million, which was used to fund expansion of the company into paperback and children's books._______ USA was established in 1998, _______ USA Books for Young Readers in 2002, and in 2005, _______ acquired Walker & Co, a small company dedicated to publishing nonfiction.In late 2000, _______ In 2007, _______ published _______ 21, a reprint series of 21 of its most popular books to celebrate its 21st anniversary.


475:Which Company

Mike Markkula is an American entrepreneur who was an angel investor who provided early critical funding for _____.He was introduced to The founders of _____ when they were looking for funding to manufacture the _____ second product variant they had developed, after having successfully sold some units of the first version ______. With this funding and his guidance, ____ ceased to be a partnership and was incorporated as a company.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

474:Lifes Good

The company was founded in 1991 by Hongliang Lu, a Chinese-born, American-educated entrepreneur, as Unitech Telecom. In its early years, the company was focused on the telecommunications markets in China. In 1995, Unitech merged with _______ Networks, founded by Ying Wu, to form ______________. After several years of trying to build its business in China, ______________ launched the Personal Handy-phone System (PHS), also known as the Personal Access System. PHS is a scaled-down version of a cellular network and has 56 million subscribers in China. ______________ went public in March 2000. The IPO and a series of acquisitions helped the company expand its business and technology beyond its base in China to other emerging economies in Asia and Latin America as well as to Japan, the United States and Europe. Between 2002 and 2004, ______________ acquired several companies to expand its technology portfolio and market opportunities in areas such as handsets, CDMA technology, broadband and IP-based communications.

Ans:UT Starcom

473:Talk To The Hand

_______ Computing, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Jeff Hawkins, who sought out the help of Donna Dubinsky and Ed Colligan, all of whom guided _______ to the invention of the _______ Pilot. The company was started to create a PDA for consumers, called the Zoomer (1993).The company was acquired by U.S. Robotics Corp. in 1995. In June 1997, _______ became a subsidiary of 3Com when U.S. Robotics was acquired by 3Com. In June 1998, the founders became unhappy at the direction in which 3Com was taking the company, and they left and founded Handspring.In January 2002, _______ set up a wholly owned subsidiary to develop and license _______ OS, which was named _______Source in February. _______Source was then spun off from _______ as an independent company.



Crossword puzzles first appeared in the New York World in 1913, and soon became a popular feature in newspapers. In 1924, ||| X |||'s aunt, a crossword puzzle devotee, asked ||| X ||| whether there was a book of these puzzles that she could give to a friend. ||| X ||| discovered that none had been published, and, with ||| Y |||, launched a company to exploit the opportunity.Their first book was marketed cleverly. To attract attention, it came with a pencil attached .The ad proved prophetic, and crossword puzzles were indeed the craze of 1924. ||| X ||| & ||| Y ||| continues to be the preeminent U.S. publisher of crossword puzzle books.||| X ||| & ||| Y ||| soon became a publisher of books of all kinds, and currently publishes over two thousand titles annually under 35 different imprints.In 1939, with Robert Fair de Graff, ||| X ||| & ||| Y ||| founded Pocket Books, America's first paperback publisher.Recent bestsellers published by the company include the work of Jesse Duplantis, Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark, Bob Woodward, David McCullough, Jimmy Carter, Bob Dylan, Holly Black, Richard Rhodes, Michael Moore, and Hillary Clinton.||| X ||| & ||| Y ||| owns the Threshold Editions imprint, which specializes in publishing politically right-of-center books, including Jerome R. Corsi's controversial The Obama Nation.

Ans:Simon & Schuster

Monday, September 7, 2009

471:My Roll No In School

Cyon is _____ Korean mobile phone brand



_______ was founded in 1925 in Paris by Marcel Môme, Aged 25 he formed the Society for the General Application of Electricity & Mechanics , a company whose central business would be mechanics. Early products included electrical components, power distribution equipment, cameras, projectors and military equipment.From 1942, following a request from the French Ministry of Telecommunications, _______ developed a new communication system : the telex printer. This date marked their move towards telecommunications.


469:Which Blank Be Filled The Best

The Company was founded by Samuel _______ in 1844 as a building and engineering concern operating under the name of S. _______ & Son.In 1880, control passed to his grandson Weetman, an engineer, who in 1890 moved the business to London and turned it into one of the world's largest construction companies.In 1919 the firm acquired a 45% stake in the London branch of merchant bankers Lazard Brothers, an interest which would be increased to 80% in 1932 during the depression years. _______ continued to hold a 50% stake until 1999.In 1921 _______ purchased a number of local newspapers in Britain, which it combined to form the Westminster Press.In 1957, it bought the Financial Times and acquired a 50% stake in The Economist. It purchased the publisher Longman in 1968.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

468:Famous Technical Publisher

||| X |||–||| Y ||| is a book publishing imprint of Pearson PLC, best known for computer books. As well as publishing books, ||| X |||–||| Y ||| distributes its technical titles through the Safari Books Online e-reference service.Melbourne ||| Y ||| Cummings founded ||| X |||–||| Y ||| in 1942, with first book published by ||| X |||–||| Y ||| being MIT professor Francis Weston Sears' Mechanics. Its first computer book was Programs for an Electronic Digital Computer, by Wilkes, Wheeler, and Gill. In 1970, ||| X |||–||| Y ||| acquired W.A. Benjamin Company, and merged with Benjamin Cummings in 1977. It was purchased by Pearson PLC in 1988.


467:Here W

||| X |||-||| Y ||| is a German high-end manufacturer of writing instruments, art supplies, staplers, slide rules, and luxury leather goods, founded in 1761 in Nuremberg by Kaspar ||| X |||. The enterprise was in the ||| X ||| family for five generations when through the marriage of Count Alexander ||| Y |||-Rüdenhausen (1866 - 1928) with Ottilie Baroness von ||| X ||| to create the branch of ||| X |||-||| Y ||| in 1898. The ||| X |||-||| Y ||| family has continued to run the company in the sixth, seventh and eighth generations through now.||| X |||-||| Y ||| USA is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and is part of the global network of ||| X |||-||| Y ||| companies operating in countries such as Australia, Brazil, and Malaysia.Most consumer products from ||| X |||-||| Y ||| are made in Malaysia. Only some premium pens are still manufactured in Germany.


466:Whos HE

_______ is often referred to as the "third founder" of Apple Computer (in addition to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak). He drew the first Apple logo and wrote the Apple I manual. While at Apple, he also wrote their partnership agreement.____ worked with Jobs at Atari before co-founding Apple Computer on April 1, 1976. He was given a 10% stake in Apple, but relinquished his stock for $800 only two weeks later because legally all members of a partnership are personally responsible for any debts incurred by any of the other partners.

Ans:Ronald Wayne

Saturday, September 5, 2009

465:Which PC Brand

_______ is a manufacturer of desktop and notebook personal computers. It was established in 1983 and headquartered in Fremont, California. The company was founded by Steve Hui, John Lee and Wayne Cheung. In 1988, _______ was the leader in tape backup sales with half the world market. By 1993, the company had slipped into bankruptcy and was acquired by the Formosa Plastics Group. On December 29 2006 _______ Systems, Inc filed a voluntary petition for liquidation under Chapter 7 and in June 2008 NewMarket Technology has taken control of _______


464:X & Y

The origins of the company can be traced back to the merger of the PC-divisions of the Finnish Nokia and the Swedish Ericsson in the mid 1980s when Ericsson PCs were known for their ergonomics and bright colors. In 1991 Nokia Data was sold to the British International Computers Limited (ICL). Later ICL was absorbed by ||| X |||.The Nokia MikroMikko line of compact desktop computers continued to be produced at the Kilo factories in Espoo, Finland. Components, including motherboards and Ethernet network adapters were manufactured locally, until production was moved to Taiwan. Internationally the MikroMikko line was marketed by ||| X ||| as the ErgoPro.The German half of the company, ||| Y ||| Nixdorf Informationssysteme, was the result of the merger of Nixdorf Computer with ||| Y |||.In 2003, the company won the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award for their use of information technology in an industry-transforming way.It was announced in November 2008 that ||| X ||| would buy out ||| Y |||' stake in the joint venture for approximately EUR450m with effect from 1 April 2009

Ans:Fujitsu Siemens Systems

463:How Is Better Known As

_____ formerly known as Eduwise, is Intel's entry into the market for low-cost personal computers for children in the developing world. It is in some respects similar to the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) trade association's Children's Machine (XO), which has a similar target market. Although made for profit, the production of the _______ is considered an Information and Communication Technologies for Development project. The device falls into the newly defined category of netbooks.

Ans:Classmate PC

Friday, September 4, 2009

462:Which Company

Founded in 2004, by Joshua McClure, _______ was named as a result of the founder's obsession with computers and computer games. According to the company blog, He spent so much time on his PC that his wife called herself a "PC _______" and told him he had to stop spending so much time on games unless he could find a way to make money at it.In 2006, the Austin-American Statesman and Forbes reported article on Dell's interest in the PC gaming niche and the company's meeting with _______. The articles stated that Michael Dell contacted _______, along with Richard Garriott and Robert Garriott and several other small, high performance boutique computer manufacturers for information about the computer gaming niche several months prior to acquiring Alienware.


461:Owned By Dell

_______ is an American computer hardware company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dell, Inc.It mainly assembles third party components into desktops with custom enclosures for high-performance gaming. These products also support graphically intense applications such as video editing, simulation, and audio editing. _______ also offers for sale rebadged laptops and computer peripherals, such as headsets, computer mice, monitors and keyboards. _______ was founded in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila. _______'s corporate headquarters is located in Kendall, Florida, an unincorporated area of Miami-Dade County west of the city of Miami.


460:Dead Man Walking

Sakshi is a Telugu news daily headquartered in Hyderabad, India. It was launched on 23 March 2008.Sakshi was brought out in 23 multi-colored editions (one edition per district) by Jagati Publication.This daily newspaper was launched in March 24, 2008.Sakshi has a print run of more than 1.7 million copies. As of 3/31/2009, Sakshi, with 30+ pages, was priced at Rs. 2.50/- per paper.The paper has been designed by newspaper designer Mario Garcia, and claims to have an initial print run of more than 11 lakhs. This claim has yet to be substantiated by any known standards.The group also has launched a news channel platform Sakshi TV and the programs have started airing on March 1 2009.This media group is working under the name "Jagati Publications".Who Owns It?

Ans:Jag Mohan Reddy Son of Former Andhra CM YSR Reddy

Thursday, September 3, 2009

459:Which Product

Ans:Sony Reader


Fortune magazine named ____ the most admired company in the United States in 2008 and in the world in 2009


457:Design Philosophy

The company's design philosophy in this period was summarized as "design for the guy at the next bench".


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

456:Which Company Are They Acquiring

French advertising company Publicis Groupe SA has agreed to buy Microsoft Corp.’s digital advertising firm ______ in a move to boost its share of advertising on the web.The deal is valued at $530 million, comprised of cash and 6.5 million Publicis Groupe treasury shares. The two companies also signed a five-year strategic alliance agreement that will allow Publicis to purchase display and search advertising from Seattle-based Microsoft on favorable terms across Microsoft’s digital properties in exchange for certain minimum guaranteed purchases.


455:Which Blank

General Motors Corp. and ______ are expected to announce that hundreds of the auto maker’s California dealers will let consumers haggle over the prices of new cars and trucks through the online marketplace, as part of a previously disclosed trial.


454:Which Company is Acquiring This Company

On2 Technologies Inc., a provider of digital video compression technology is being acquired for $106.5 million by which company


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

453:Which Company

Which company has bagged the worldwide rights to the movie "My Name Is Khan"

Ans:Fox Searchlight

452:Identify The Car

Ans:Nissan Leaf

451:Which Company

He was the MD & CEO of the Company
He Steping down from Oct 1 2009
His Name AP Parigi
Tell Me From Which Companies Operations is he steping down from

Ans:Benett & Coleman(Entertainment Network India Limited or times media)