Thursday, April 9, 2009

26: 'CHANGE' in Bangalore

The Hindu and Jain mythology refer to Mount X as the center of the universe, the abode of Lord Brahma and a pantheon of gods and goddesses. There are many temples in India and abroad, including the famous Angkor Vat in Cambodia, that have been built as symbolic representations of Mount X . According to the ancient texts, X Mountain was the epicenter of the Earth and when the churning of the oceans (Sagar Manthan) took place, Mount X was able to withstand all the resulting turbulence.

Identify this brand X which has brought about change ?

Answer:This is MOUNTAIN MERU , so it is MERU CABS- Rely on us

Miraj and Rithwik.k have cracked a brilliant answer.
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Shreya said...

should be mount kailas..
but i dont know the "brand" associated with it..

Anonymous said...

Meru Cabs
Rely on


Rithwik K said...


-----Good Question Guys

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