Thursday, April 30, 2009

89:Broken Joint

X will pay Rs106 crore for the remaining 40% in its Vechicle joint venture after dwindling finances forced partner Y to focus on its core business.Referring to the significance of India as “a key to a completely new generation of products”, X said on Wednesday it would invest at least €700 million over four years to enter and eventually use the subcontinent as a bridgehead to other emerging markets.The two partners had originally planned to divide the investment in proportion to the size of their stakes.“Nothing has changed regarding our plans to manufacture Vechicles in Chennai. I’m counting on continued good relations with the Y, whose expertise regarding the Indian market is very important for us.”
Answer:Hero & Daimler

Gaurav,Vinay & Eldrich


GAURAV said...

X ----> Daimler AG

Y ----> Hero Group

vinay r m said...

i think daimler trucks jv with hero group

Eldrich said...

X is daimler
Y is hero honda