Wednesday, April 8, 2009

22: Video AD - Lagaan

Whose video advertisement is it:

Contributed by Sanchit
Miraj,Maulik & Shreya
have cracked the answer.
We would like to welcome Shreya to our blog

Answer-ICICI Prudential life insurance.


Arun said...

I googled and saw. Worst, dude. Worst :D

Eldrich said...

Election commission of India...wild guess..

Miraj C. Vora said...

Part of an internet viral marketing campaign, this one is from ICICI Prudential.
This is probably one of the first internet viral marketing campaigns in India.

Shreya said...

lol..!! i think its the ICICI Prudential ad..

Maulik !! said...

ICICI Prudential...I've seen this at a fest lol...the three advantages of icici prudential life insurance