Friday, April 10, 2009

29: Grass-roots level

Del Monte Pacific Ltd. and X are in a joint venture in the agricultural business.

Their JV site says: The company is engaged in providing premium quality fresh produce to the markets worldwide and promotes world class standards for agricultural practices, progressive farming techniques & identification and adoption of appropriate technologies.

The Research & Development work, being undertaken at the model farms, is benefiting a large number of partner & non-partner farmers.

They plan to link the world and the indian fields to to fulfill their vision.

Answer: Bharti enterprise and FieldFresh is the JV.

Maulik , Miraj , Shreya and Ajay Parasuraman have cracked the answer.
We also welcome Ajay to our blog.


Maulik !! said...

This is Sunil Mittal's entry into the agricultural sector..Farm fresh or field fresh..thats the name of the JV

Anonymous said...

Farm Field Fresh Foods

--Ajay Parasuraman

Eldrich said...

reliance fresh?

Shreya said...

X is Bharti Enterprises.
their JV is FieldFresh Foods

Miraj C. Vora said...


Field Fresh