Sunday, April 12, 2009

35: ITs in the'air' !!!!!!!!!!!

:: To Do - Connect them all!
(Up for grabs, an extra point for giving the connection...)

Answer: ' GAS JEANS '
The connection would be as follows:-
1. Gautam Singhania, chairman and MD of raymonds , it had a JV with GAS JEANS to
bring them to India.
2. This is a print ad of GAS JEANS.
3. The movie FASHION - GAS JEANS enterted bollywood with an association with GAS
4.BLUE MARTIN- Is a brand by GAS JEANS.
5.HONDA REPSOL MOTO GP - GAS JEANS are the clothing sponsors of Honda Repsol.

Miraj , Maulik and arun have cracked the answer.

(Miraj Will be given be 2 points ,
Maulik will be given be 1.5 points,
and Arun will be given 1 points).


Eldrich said...

ok...i've broken my head on this..

my ans is TDK

first guy must be CEO
saint garbage no idea
fashion i think TDK had some tie up
Blue martin no idea
i think TDK sponsors repsol honda

so ans is TDK

Maulik !! said...

the answer is GAS jeans..
Gautham Singhania is the MD of Raymonds which brought GAS jeans to India
Thats a poster ad of gas jeans
gas jeans were promoted and used in fashion
Gas sponsors the GAS honda team

Miraj C. Vora said...

overall Connection surprisingly after a GAS Questions below is GAS again.

Gautam Singhania of Raymonds brings GAS to India

Saint Garbage, the ad campaign of GAS

Fashion : Product Placement, Arjan Bajwa models for the company

Blue martin is a sub brand of GAS

GAS Honda MotoGP Collection up for grans in the market

Arun said...