Friday, April 17, 2009

50: Citrification

Mario Gutiérrez Cotelo daughter ______ Cotelo(The drink was named after her) passed away due Citrus Nutritional Deficiency.His second daughter had the same disease and he attempted to make a citrus drink to save her from the disease.His efforts to save her dint prove succesful.Few days later in family function his citrus drink was served and it was well-appreciated by all family members.His wife started selling these drinks in market & there prodcution as well as sales grew.The drink was later sold to a turkish company (Yildiz Holding S.A.) .Yildiz Holding S.A. sold the drink to An American Giant in 1991.

Ans: The american giant... Pepsi, the drink Mirinda!


Parag said...


Eldrich said...

Turka Cola..since turkish

Sujith said...

iss't Mirinda by Pepsi?