Tuesday, April 21, 2009

61: IPL fever!!!!!!!!

1.Which FIVE teams have got a sponsorship deal from one of their owner itself...? ( name the team and brand )

2. Name the two Wrigley's brand which are sponsoring DLF IPL?

3. Give the funda behind Vivendi's tie up with BCCI!

A point each for all the 3 questions ( only on full answer).


1. The teams that have their sponsors in the form of owners are:-
a. Bangalore Royalchallengers- ROYAL CHALLENGE,
b. Delhi daredevils- GMR,
c. Chennai supperkings- INDIA CEMENTS,
d. Deccan chargers- DECCAN CHRONICLE,
e. Kings ll Punjab- DABUR GLUCOSE.

Eldrich has cracked the answer( all five ).

2. The brands are ORBIT and BOOMER.

Eldrich , Gaurav T, Miraj and AeToS have cracked the answer.

3. VIVENDI has got the rights to make an computer based game on the DLF IPL

Nobody has cracked the answer.


GAURAV said...


Eldrich said...

1. RCB - whyte and mackay, mcdowells,royalchallenge
2. DD - GMR
3. DC - Odyssey of Deccan Chronicle
4. KKR - Nokia, Sprite
5. CSK - India Cements

Eldrich said...

wrigleys brands are boomer and orbit white

Eldrich said...

dabur also...dabur sponsors kings xi punjab...on the helmet it is written dabur glucose

AeToS said...

1 - Chennai - Coromandel
Bangalore - Royal Challenge
Hyderabad - Deccan Chronicle
Mumbai - Reliance Ind
Delhi - GMR

2 - ORBIT & Boomer

GAURAV said...

1) the teams are:

1) Royal Challengers Bangalore
2) Mumbai Indians
3) Delhi Daredevils
4) Deccan Chargers
5) Rajasthan Royals

and the brand is KingFisher.