Friday, April 3, 2009

11: Give funda

a phone number : '98450123293'


Answer: Basically the funda is that this is the number 11 digits long (observe carefully), this refers to DoT's (Department of Telecom) new numbering policy as per which all mobile numbers starting from this august will have 11 digits . The existing 10 digit number series will be exausted by august 2009.

Maulik will be given a point as he was very close.


Arun said...

This is the phone number from gajini. No?

PS: Am Arun from bcom-p [helmet :D]

Maulik !! said...

I dunno know if this is one of your phone numbers...

but its eleven digits and that reminds me that last year there was some talk of bsnl moving up to 11 digits for its cell phone numbers by this year. This was to decrease congestion. The other operators were to follow suit..

Kamal Rathi said...

Number tattooed on Amir Khan's body in Ghajini