Sunday, May 31, 2009

181:Skin Ratios

Kaya : Marico :: Kara : ?

Answer: ADITYA BIRLA GROUP( Grasim Industries).

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180:Identify The Car


Gaurav , Roshan , Chithananda, AeTos, Parag and Arjun have cracked the answer.


What is The First Two Wheller Offering by Mahindra Branded As???


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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Expand Them...

1. DiCOR




Arjun, Eldrich , Gaurav and Chithananda have cracked the answer.

( Arjun and Gaurav get two points whereas Eldrich and Chithananda get one point)

177:What Has This Vehcile Been Branded As?

Answer: This is TATA WORLD TRUCK .

Gaurav , Chithananda and Vinay RM have cracked the answer.

176:What So Special About These Shoes OR Why are they in News

Answer: These are ADIDAS SUPERSTAR DIAMOND SHOE, is embedded with six 0.02 carat diamonds along the stripes of each shoe .

Eldrich , Gaurav and Chithanada have cracked the answer.

Friday, May 29, 2009

175:Reality Show

_____ has tied up with Big Synergy and the Star television network to produce and air from mid-June a reality show that seeks a wider audience for its products?


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Which Indian Conglomerate is about to offer the service of E-Mall in next 2 months???


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Digital Sky Technologies is an internet holding company based in Moscow, Russia. It is a Russian investment firm which owns stakes in the Web companies that have 70 percent of all hits on the Russian-speaking Internet.Digital Sky Technologies will take a nearly 2% stake in ______ for $200 mn.

Answer: FACEBOOK. ( CEO and Founder: Mark Zuckerberg ).

Eldrich , Roshan, Gaurav , Vinay RM and AeTos have cracked the answer.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

173:Fill It Up

The roots of _______ reach back into the 17th Century. In 1668, Friedrich Jacob _______, an apothecary, assumed ownership of the Angel Pharmacy in Darmstadt, Germany.In 1816, Emanuel _______ took over the pharmacy. Thanks to his scientific education he was successful in isolating and characterizing alkaloids in the pharmacy laboratory. He began the manufacture of these substances "in bulk" in 1827, touting them as a "Cabinet of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Innovations". He and his successors gradually built up a chemical-pharmaceutical factory that produced — in addition to raw materials for pharmaceutical preparations — a multitude of other chemicals and (from 1890) medicines.In 1891, Georg _______ established himself in the United States and set up _______ & Co. in New York, USA. _______ & Co. was confiscated following the First World War and set up as an independent company in the United States. Today, the US company has about 70,000 employees in 120 countries and 31 factories worldwide.

Answer: MERCK &CO,also known as Merck Sharp & Dohme or MSD ( NYSE:MRK).

Eldrich and Gaurav have cracked the answer.


David (born 1951) is a computer scientist and computational biochemist who founded _____ company which has been described by Fortune magazine as "the most intriguing and mysterious force on Wall Street."A former faculty member in the computer science department at Columbia University, David made his fortune exploiting inefficiencies in financial markets with the help of sophisticated computer models. In 1996, Fortune magazine referred to him as "King Quant" because of his firm's expertise in quantitative trading.In 2001, he returned to full-time scientific research. He now serves as chief scientist of ____ Research, in which capacity he leads an interdisciplinary research group in the field of computational biochemistry and personally engages in hands-on research in that field. He also holds appointments as a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at Columbia University and as an Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia's medical school.

Answer: D.E.SHAW&CO.

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171:Worlds Most Expensive Stadium

Name The Stadium????


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


'Lectrix' is a e-scotter by which company?


Eldrich , Gaurav and Parag have cracked the answer.


1.Identify this logo??
2.How is the above company know as now???

1.VSNL .

Nikhil and Chithananda have cracked the answer.

We welcome Chitananda to our blog.


Identify this CEO??

Answer: OLLI - PEKKA KALLASVUO, President and CEO of NOKIA. ( NYSE: NOK) .

Eldrich , Parag , Johny Walker, Gaurav , Roshan and chithananda have cracked the answer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Identify this personality ????

Answer: SIDDHARTHA BASU, is widely regarded as the father of television quiz shows in India.

Gaurav, Attila , Anush, Vinay RM, Roshan, Parag , Neeraj, AeTos and Nikhil have cracked the answer.



Answer: The connect is JOHN ABRAHAM .

He is the brand ambassador to all the three products above and very recently became the brand ambassador to Garnier men's product.

Gaurav , Vinay RM , AeTos , Roshan and Eldrich have cracked the answer.


Identify the advertiser???
(click on the picture to enlarge)

Answer: This an print ad for LAMBORGINI.

The line erased above says 'Welcome to SANT 'AGATA BOLOGNESE ' , the land where LAMBORGINI's are made.

Gaurav has cracked an excellent answer.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Identify the LOGO above???


Parag, Sandeep , Arun , Sunil , Nikhil and AeTos have cracked the answer.


Identify this 'CHAIRMAN' ????

Answer: YOGESH CHANDER DEVESHWAR, Chairman and CEO , ITC Limited.

Sandeep , Gaurav and Arun have cracked the answer.


Former Hero Honda marketing vice president Atul Sobti is the New CEO of ____?

Answer: RANBAXY LABORATORIES.( He has taken over after Malvinder Singh resigned)

Eldrich, Sandeep , Gaurav , AeTos, Roshan , Parag , Nikhil and Attila have cracked the answer.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

161:Google Doodle For What

Answer: This GOOGLE DOODLE represents missing link found in Evolution theory of CHARLES DARWIN.

Roshan and Parag have cracked the answer.

160:Connect & Explain

Answer: The connect is CASTROL OIL.

1 . John Abraham is the brand ambassadaor of Castrol Oil.
2. Suresh Raina is also the brand ambassador of Castrol oil.
3. Harsha bogle manages , owned by Castrol Oil.

Gaurav has cracked the answer.

159:History of Which Company

Incorporated as ___ Machines Private Limited in 1978, the company was engaged in manufacture of Synthetic Yarn Manufacturing Machines in technical collaboration with ARCT, France. In 1978, it became a public limited company and diversified into processing synthetic yarn.Again in 1999, an agreement was signed with Daelim Motor Company of South Korea to manufacture .In 2000 the company was recognized by the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology for remarkable success in introducing new models.As of July 2006, the company is under financial constraint. New finance has been invested by Credit Suisse and other institutions and the factory re opened in March 08 to manufacture vechiles, primarily for export only.

Answer: Lohia Machinery Limited (LML).

Sandeep , Gaurav , Roshan and Eldrich have cracked the answer.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

158:Which Car By Honda

Answer: Honda Jazz.

Eldrich, Parag and Roshan have cracked the answer.


The management has declared lockout at the company's manufacturing plant situated at Arkonam in Tamil Nadu with effect from 3 pm, on May 17 on account of labour unrest in the factory.About 3,000 employees of ____ in Arkonam and Puducherry were on a 'sit-in' strike within the premises of the respective facilities since May 9. The workers went on strike as they were "disappointed with the management as the company denied recognition to it" and 150 labourers were also dismissed by the management so far.


Nikhil , Eldrich, Gaurav, Sandeep , Roshan and Vinay R M have cracked the answer.


The workers went on strike on May 5 to protest the suspension of union leader Madhavrao Dhatrak on disciplinary grounds.The fortnight-long strike at _____ plant at Satpur(Nasik).

Ans:Mahindra & Mahindra.

Eldrich, Gaurav ,Sandeep , Parag and Roshan have cracked the answer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

155:Fill It Up

_______ traces its history back to 1860, with the publication by Henry Varnum Poor of History of Railroads and Canals in the United States. This book was an attempt to compile comprehensive information about the financial and operational state of U.S. railroad companies. Henry Varnum went on to establish H.V. and H.W. ___ Co with his son, Henry William, and published updated versions of this book on an annual basis.In 1906 Luther Lee Blake founded the ______ Statistics Bureau, with the view to providing financial information on non-railroad companies. Instead of an annually published book _____ Statistics would use 5" x 7" cards, allowing for more frequent updates.The company as it is known today was formed in 1941 with the merger of ____'s Publishing (the successor company to H.V and H.W ___ Co) and _____ Statistics.

Ans:Standard & Poors.

Eldrich , Saurabh A and Gaurav have cracked the answer.

154:Just Tell Me Which Event is this company related to

Answer:Niccols & Steyn Providing security to IPL.

Nikhil has cracked the answer.

153:Choco Web Ratios : Cadbury DairyMilk :: ? : Cadbury Perk

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

152:This Temple is Responsible For Which Logo

Answer:Congress Logo The Hand Symbol.

Sandeep,Gaurav , Ameya , Raghav and Vinay R M have cracked the answer.

151:Tea Ratios

Jagoo Re : Tata Tea :: ? : Lipton

Ans - Stay Sharp.

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Its Names history lies in the Thinking of Rajiv Rao.Rajiv is a director in Ogilvy India.A Material called Perspex is used to make their bodies.The concept behind naming was to represent Fun yet it should be catchy and be memorable.What Am I Talking about?


Parag , Eldrich, Ameya , Vinay RM, Raghav , Gaurav , Neel L and Roshan have cracked the answer.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Rajesh Kamat, Chief Executive Officer of Which TV Channel??

Answer: COLORS, Owned by Viacom 18 .

Gaurav, Eldrich , Raghav and Sandeep have cracked the answer.

148:Merged Stuff Again

___________ was created in 1996 from the merger of two swiss companies Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz Laboratories?

International AG. (NYSE:NVS).

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147:Who Acquired The Company

Answer: APOLLO TYRES LIMITED acquired the Netherlands-based Vredestein Banden BV .

Gaurav and Eldrich have cracked the answer.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

146:Which Building

Answer: TAIPEI 101.

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While serving oneself at a meal has a long history, the modern _______ was developed in France in the 18th century, soon spreading throughout Europe. The term originally referred to the sideboard where the food was served, but eventually became applied to the form. The _______ became popular in the English-speaking world in the second half of the nineteenth century.When the possession of gold and silver has been a measure of solvency of a regime, the display of it, in the form of plates and vessels, is more a political act than a gesture of conspicuous consumption. The 16th-century French term _______ applied both to the display itself and to the furniture on which it was mounted, often draped with rich textiles, but more often as the century advanced an elaborately carved cupboard surmounted by tiers of shelves. In England such a _______ was called a court cupboard. Prodigal displays of plate were probably first revived at the fashionable court of Burgundy and adopted in France. The Baroque displays of silver and gold that were affected by Louis XIV of France were immortalized in paintings by Alexandre-François Desportes and others, before Louis' plate and his silver furniture had to be sent to the mint to pay for the wars at the end of his reign.

Answer: We are talking of the modern day BUFFET , served almost everywhere nowadays.

Saurabh A, Eldrich, Roshan and Gaurav have cracked the answer.


Which MNC Has joined Hands with this company for Gaming Devlopment??

Answer: Advanced Micro Devices , AMD . ( NYSE: AMD)

Saurabh A and Gaurav have cracked the answer.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Owen borrowed the name from the great and colorful French explorer, Pierre Esprit ________, who had crisscrossed the Great Lakes area in the 17th century. It was believed, at that time, that ________ had been the first white man to explore Minnesota.Which chain get its name from the Explorer?


Saurabh A, Susa , Sandeep , Eldrich , Gaurav and Rand al'Thor have cracked the answer.

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142:The X & Y Story

The story of the ||X||-||Y|| begins with Swiss hotelier César ||X|| who was well known in the hotel industry as the "king of hoteliers and hotelier to kings." ||X|| redefined luxury accommodation in Europe with his management of The ||X|| in Paris and The ||Y|| in London. Although he died in 1918, his wife Marie continued the tradition of opening hotels in his name.The ||X||-||Y|| Investing Company was established by Albert Keller, who bought and franchised the name in the United States. The original ||X||-||Y|| hotel was built in Boston, Massachusetts, and opened on May 19, 1927 with a room rate of $15 per night. It became known as the hotel to kings, queens, movie stars, and tycoons: Prince Charles, Irving Berlin, Bette Davis, and Howard Hughes were just a few of its notable guests.

Answer: X - RITZ,
Roshan , Sandeep , Eldrich , Gaurav and Saurabh A cracked the answer.

141:Isadore Not Theodore

Isadore Sharp founded _______ Hotels, Inc. In 1960 with the _______ Hotel opening in 1961 in Toronto, Ontario as a small hotel in the downtown area.In 1970, the first European hotel, _______ Hotel London, was opened. This developed the luxurious five-star _______ as it is today that has medium-size properties and a distinctive service. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, _______ grew and opened more luxury hotels throughout North America. During this time, _______ Hotels developed the hotel to a first class property by including luxury items within guest rooms. After this, Sharp opened its first Hawaiian resort in the early 1990s, _______ Resort Maui at Wailea which is an AAA Five Diamond and Mobile five star Property today.


Saurabh A, Roshan , Sandeep , Eldrich and Gaurav have cracked the answer.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

140:Bed-In For Peace Good Way To Promote Peace

John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their first Bed-In for Peace between March 25, 1969 and March 31, 1969 at the Amsterdam _______ in Room 902. This room became a popular tourist destination.This Amsterdam _______ hotel has had two notable incidents. In 1991, Dutch drug kingpin Klaas Bruinsma, once a major drug dealer of Europe, was assassinated in front of the building. On July 11, 2001, Dutch artist Herman Brood committed suicide by jumping from the roof.

Answer: Hilton Hotels Corporation.

Eldrich , Gaurav, Saurabh A, Rohan, Sandeep and Raghav have cracked the answer.

139:Gulf Oil

In 1963, _______ signed a long-term deal with Gulf Oil Corporation in which the lodging chain would accept Gulf credit cards to charge food and lodging at all of its hotels . In return, Gulf would build service stations on the premises of many _______ properties, particularly those along or near major U.S. and Interstate highways. Many older _______ locations still have the service station properties intact today, either still in operation or closed down. With the exception of a few locations in the eastern U.S., hardly any of the still-open stations are now Gulf outlets. The portion of the agreement which permitted Gulf credit cards to be used for payment of food and lodging at _______ was copied by competing lodging chains and major oil companies during the mid-to-late 1960s. Most of those agreements fizzled out with the 1973 oil crisis. The Gulf/_______ arrangement ended around 1982.

Answer: Hotel Holiday Inn.

Eldrich, Raghav , Gaurav , Sandeep
, Omar and Saurabh A have cracked the answer.

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138:Hotel Chain

________ is an international chain of "super low budget" or "no frills" hotels owned by the Accor Group. Rooms are sold at around €29 per night?


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

137:Fill The Blanks

Use of sexual imagery in advertising has been criticized on various grounds. Conservatives, especially religious ones, often consider it obscene. Some feminists and masculists claim it reinforces sexism by objectifying the individual. Increasingly, this argument has been complicated by growing use of androgynous and homoerotic themes in marketing.______ has been at the forefront of this movement, having himself declared -

"Jeans are about sex. The abundance of bare flesh is the last gasp of advertisers trying to give redundant products a new identity."

_____ first controversial jeans advertisement was when a 15 year old Brooke Shields, in ____ jeans, remarks -

"Want to know what gets between me and my _____? Nothing."

Later in 1995 ______ advertising campaign showed teenage models in provocative poses wearing _____ underwear and jeans. The ads were withdrawn when parents and child welfare groups threatened to protest and Hudson stores did not want their stores associated with the ads. It was reported that the Justice Department was investigating the ad campaign for possible violations of federal child pornography and exploitation laws.


Saurabh A, Raghav , Eldrich , Vinay R M, Gaurav, Susa and Sandeep have cracked the answer.

136:This is ______ Marketing

1984 Olympics:Kodak sponsors TV broadcasts of the Games as well as the US track team despite Fujifilm being the official sponsor.

1988 Summer Olympics: Fujifilm sponsors the Games[clarification needed] despite Kodak being the official sponsor.

1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona; Nike sponsors press conferences with the US basketball team despite Reebok being the official sponsor. During ceremonies, the players covered their Reebok logos.

1994 Winter Olympics; American Express sponsors the Games[clarification needed] despite Visa being the official sponsor.

1996 Atlanta Olympics; sprinter Linford Christie wore contact lenses embossed with the Puma logo at the press conference preceding the 100 metres final, despite Reebok being the official sponsor.

1996 Atlanta Olympics; Messages On Hold strategically infiltrates a banner within the camera frame as US runner Jon Drummond prepares for the opening leg of 4x100 relay final. The moment is broadcast live across the world.

1996 Cricket World Cup; Pepsi ran a series of advertisements titled "nothing official about it" targeting the official sponsor Coca Cola.

1998 World Cup; Nike sponsored a number of teams competing in the Cup despite Adidas being the official sponsor.

2000 Sydney Olympics; Qantas Airlines’ slogan "The Spirit of Australia" sounds strikingly similar to the Games’ slogan "Share the Spirit." despite Ansett Air being the official sponsor.

2002 Boston Marathon; as Adidas-sponsored runners come off the course Nike are treated[clarification needed] to spray-painted messages honoring the day of the race, but not the race itself.

2003 Cricket World Cup; Indian players threatened to strike over concerns that the anti-_____ marketing rules were too strict. Of particular concern was the length of time before and after the cup that players were not allowed to endorse a rival to one of the official sponsors. Players argued that if they had pre-existing contracts that they would be in breach of them if they were to accept the ICC's rules.

2006 FIFA World Cup; fans of the Netherlands were made to remove Bavaria Brewery's leeuwenhosen because Budweiser was the official beer sponsor.

2008 Beijing Olympics; entire countries were tuned into the Opening Ceremonies, and worldwide, millions more saw Li Ning light the torch and learned that he owns a shoe company with the same name, a direct rival of Adidas and quite famous in China, but not an official Olympic sponsor.

Answer: This is Ambush Marketing.

Saurabh A, Maulik , Eldrich , Gaurav, Susa and Sandeep have cracked the answer.

135:IPL Ratios

Chennai Super Kings : Peter England :: Royal Challengers Bangalore : ?

Answer: INDIGO NATION Is the official formal wear partner of RCB.

Eldrich has cracked the answer.

Friday, May 15, 2009

134:Cricket Again-3

Which Australian Cricketer is the Valvoline Brand Ambassdor??


Saurabh agarwal,Nikhil, Raghav,Sandeep, Susa, Rohit Nair and Gaurav have cracked the answer.

We welcome Nikhil to our blog.

133:Cricket Again -2

Andrew Symonds
Micheal Hussey
Mathhew Hayden
Micheal Clarke

All of Them Appeared in Which Automobile Companies Commercial??

Answer: FORD.

Saurabh agarwal,Eldrich, Rohit Nair and Gaurav have cracked the answer.

132:Cricket Again

For Every Six _____ Hits it will help to fund modified bikes for children with disabilities.Amway runs the programme in partnership with the Technical Aid to the Disabled (TAD)."Every bike is modified to suit the individual child. This allows children with disabilities to enjoy riding a bike - often for the first time in their lives,"


Saurabh agarwal, Eldrich , Roshan , Rohit Nair and Gaurav have cracked the answer.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

131:Brand Of Bat

Which Brand Of Bat Does Herschelle Gibbs Use?

Answer: GUNN& MOORE, commonly shortened to GM.

Sandeep, Eldrich,Gaurav, Vinay RM ,Susa, Srikanth,Hellblazer, Saurabh and AeTos have cracked the answer.

We welcome to Srikanth to our blog.

130:Which Cricketer

Which Cricketer is the Authour of the Book True Colours:My Life?

His IPL Team Coach Authoured the book Worth The Wait?

Answer: ADAM GILCHRIST-True Colours:My Life?


Sandeep, Eldrich,Gaurav,Vinay RM, Arjun ,Susa, Raghav,Hellblazer, Saurabh and AeTos have cracked the answer.

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129:Which Company Has Picked Up 11.3% Stake In This Company

Answer: Sahara group.

Saurabh A, Eldrich,Gaurav, Sandeep have cracked the answer.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

128: LOGO QUIZ!!

Identify the logo??

Answer: EMBRAER , short for Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica, S. A. ( NYSE: ERJ).

Eldrich has cracked the answer.

127: IDENTIFY!!!

Identify the person on left???

Answer:Mohamed Al-Fayed, owner of Harrods department store, Fulham football team, Hotel RITZ Paris.

Eldrich ,Roshan and AeTos have cracked the answer.

126: HAD A START UP!!!

  • Preity Zinta
  • Raageshwari
  • Gayatri Joshi and
  • Amrita Rao.

Answer: CADBURY PERK advertising has been a launch pad for these Bollywood stars.

Saurabh Agarwal, Dhiren , Vinay R M, Susa and Gaurav have cracked the answer.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

125:Identify The CEO


Nobody has cracked the answer.


  • In 1868, he started a trading company with a seed capital of Rs. 21,000
  • In 1869, he acquired a bankrupt oil mill in Chinchpokli, converted it into a cotton mill and renamed the mill to Alexandra Mill.
  • In 1871, He sold the mill two years later for a healthy profit.
  • Thereafter he set up a cotton mill in Nagpur in 1874.
  • He christened it Empress Mill on 1 January 1877 when Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India.

About whom I'm I talking???

Answer: Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata.

Rohan, Rohit Nair, Saurabh Agarwal, AeTos, Gaurav, Vinay R m and Roshan have cracked the answer.

123: LOGO QUIZ!!

This a sub-brand of which brand/company???

Answer: per una is a range of female clothing by Marks & Spenser.

Rohit Nair, Saurabh Agarwal, Gaurav and Roshan have cracked the answer.


Basically we want you give an proper funda why is this picture here????

Answer: Basically the funda is theses are the WORLD ISLANDS, man-made archipelago of 300 islands constructed in the shape of a world map and located four kilometres off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Rohit Nair, Roshan, Ameya, AeTos , Rohan and Gaurav have cracked the answer.


Identify this personality who even today has a place in our ADs???

: SYLVESTER DACUNHA, Chairman of daCunha Associates, the agency responsible for creating the 38-year-old Amul butter campaign.

Vinay R M, Rohit Nair, Ameya, Saurabh Agarwal have cracked the answer.

We welcome Saurabh Agarwal to our blog.

121: NYSE !!!

Identify the following NYSE tickers:-

1. UTX:- United Technologies corporation .





For identifying two you get a point , on answering all five you 3 points.

Answer: Being given with the ticker.

Rohit Nair , Susa and Roshan have cracked the answer.

Rohit and Susa will get the three points, and Roshan will get two.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Epic Quest-I

Official Web Site Of Epic Quest
Dear Friends D.R.S Quiz had conducted a Business Quiz

Winners -
Rohit Nair(UVCE,Bangalore)
Varun Balan(NIT,Suratkal)

Runners Up-
Abhinav Mouli(Christ University,Bangalore)

Prelim Questions
Final Round Questions

Do have a look & Give us your feedback regarding the quiz,as well as the level of questions

Sunday, May 10, 2009

119:Connect(Watching IPL May Help)

Answer:Supersport Park Or Supersport Will be Accepted

Nausha Titans home ground Supersport Park
Supersport outside South Africa is owned by Sky Sports

In IPL Matthew Hayden,Amit Singh,Rohit Sharma,Suresh Raina,Dirk Nannes,Yusuf Pathan Have been Awarded Man Of The Match Award at Supersport Park.


Identify this logo???


Rohit Nair, Eldrich , Gaurav, Sandeep , Roshan, Johny Walker and Ameya have cracked the answer.

We welcome Ameya to our blog.


Identify this logo???

Rohit Nair , Eldrich , Sandeep, Vinay R M , Ameya, Roshan , johny walker and Ankit have cracked the answer.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009


While hitchhiking in California in the mid-60s, Susie Russel was here on the road with her convertible. She picked up a hitchhiker from the roadside: Douglas Tompkins . Russel and Tompkins later got married.

No wonder that Susie Tompkins—as a Californian flower child—had a weakness for unusual styles. She was particularly taken with the style of the Europeans. And it was precisely these looks that weren’t yet available in the whole of the Bay Area. So why not found a label and create her own clothes?

Now as they say the rest is history.

Identify the brand found ??

Answer: This is the start of 'ESPRIT'.

Gaurav, Roshan, Eldrich, Sandeep and Anubhav have cracked the answer.

We welcome Anubhav to our blog.


Identify this print ad???

Answer: This is DHL EXPRESS.

Gaurav, Arun and Roshan have cracked the answer.

115: WHY SO EARLY!!!

Identify this print ad??


Nobody has cracked the answer.

114:Dr Who????

_______ was born in Delhi. His father, Dr. (Col) K.L. _______, was a cardiologist in Mool Chand K.R. Hospital, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi (India) and served as a lieutenant in the British army. _______'s grandfather practiced Ayurveda.He completed his primary education at St. Columba's School in New Delhi and eventually graduated from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.Having graduated from AIIMS in 1969, _______ emigrated to the US in 1970 with his wife, Rita, to do his clinical internship at a New Jersey hospital, followed by residency training for several more years at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts and at the University of Virginia Hospital. He specialized in internal medicine. He is board-certified in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism.Dr. _______ is licenced to practice medicine in the states of Massachusetts and California ,is a member of the American Medical Association (AMA), and a Fellow of the American College of Physicians.


Rohit Nair, Eldrich , Sandeep , Vinay R M and Gaurav have cracked the answer.


_______ was born in a business family who owned coal mines in Dhanbad (now in Jharkhand). When the mines were nationalized, his grandfather lost his business, and ____ went to the US looking for a job. He started working there washing cars and selling life insurance. The turning point in his life came when he attended a lecture by motivational speaker Norman Vincent Peale and got inspired by his motivational teachings.Who Am I Talking About?

Answer In Comments.


Sandeep , Eldrich , Rohit Nair, Anush and Gaurav have cracked the answer.


Answer:RICHARD STALLMAN, President of the Free Software Foundation.

Rohit Nair, Vinay R M , Sandeep , Gaurav and Arun have cracked the answer.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


  • The company was founded on January 6, 1926 in Berlin, following a merger between "Deutsche Aero Lloyd" (DAL) and " Junkers Luftverkehr". The company's original name was Deutsche X Aktiengesellschaft. X, as one word, has been used since 1933. On December 9, 1927, Deutsche X , on behalf of the German government, established an agreement with the Spanish government authorising an air service between the two countries. This included a capital investment to establish an airline that would eventually become Iberia.
  • It is also the founder member of Star Alliance.
  • The X Logo , an encircled Crane in flight, was created in 1918. It was part of the livery of the first German airline, Deutsche Luftreederej GmbH (DLR), which began air service on February 5, 1919.
Identify this Airline company??


Roshan, Arjun , Susa , Gaurav , Vinay R M , Chandrakant and Sandeep have cracked the answer.


Identify this logo???

Answer: This is ASSAM OIL

Chandrakant and Sandeep have cracked a very good answer.


  • Rs 5000 to Rs 25, 000 will be regarded with contributor's name in the end credit roll.

  • Rs 25000 to Rs 100,000 will be returned at the time of the release of the film and with acknowledgement in the end credits.

  • Rs 100,000 to Rs 15, 00,000 will get credits in the beginning titles of the film and proportionate share in the profits.

  • Give me funda??( name the director who is being so innovative)

    CLUE: This is something new in bollywood.

    Answer: Basically the funda is ONIR ANIRBAN , the director of MY BROTHER
    NIKHIL , has come with an idea to make a movie with the money of shareholders . A Very famous concept in Hollywood.
    The movies name is

    Chandrakant , Susa and Gaurav have cracked an answer.

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009

    108:Brand Ambassador

    Answer In Comments


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    107:Brand Ambassador

    Who is the Brand Ambassador of Anne French?


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    New Line Cinema Film Studios is Owned By Whom?

    Answer: WARNER BROS.

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    Tuesday, May 5, 2009

    105:DA ADDRESS

    NBC Studios,GE Building,30 Rockefeller Plaza. is the address of NBC Studios headquaters.A television comedy sereis is based on how NBC Studios day-to-day operations.Name The Sereis.Its name has quite to do with the ADDRESS?

    Answer:30 Rock

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    104:Which Building

    In 1982_____ monopoly was dissolved by the court ordered divestiture of local phone companies. In the decade that followed, ____ erected new buildings across the country including the ___ Building in New York City.On April 5, 1985, ____ issued a request for proposals that produced eleven respondents.Stein and Co., the winning realtor, sought Skidmore, Owings and Merrill as designers for the purpose of distinguishing a proposal from the nearby Sears Tower. On April 3, 1989, ___ employees began to occupy the office space.The building was built under a self-imposed comprehensive minority contracting and affirmative action package that met the city's 1985 30% hiring rule for public sector projects.Chicago Mayor Harold Washington's administration had passed an edict that 30% of the work for public sector projects be set aside for minority and women-owned businesses.In a show of support for this rule Stein & Co. and ___ adopted the rule for their private development.As with other downtown buildings, the tower's setbacks and spires are accented by colored lights at night.The building's managers were praised for dimming their lights during bird migrations, reducing bird mortality 80%.

    Answer:AT&T Corporate Center

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    103:Identify The Person In Talk

    ___ is a noted Indian journalist._______ older brother is a politician.An alumnus of The Doon School and St Stephen's College, he earned a master's degree in economics from Magdalen College, Oxford.He is also a research fellow at the Cato Institute, a prominent libertarian think-tank in Washington DC, and an occasional media consultant to the World Bank.

    Answer:Swaminathan Aiyar

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    Monday, May 4, 2009

    102: Midass sorry its Midas

    Name the famous mint product owned by Midas Care Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.?



    101:Carol Bartz

    ___ software application for 2D and 3D design..Name the software which is Proprietary to the company where Carol Bartz worked before Heading Yahoo!?


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    100:Just Connect(Its A Business Question)

    Sunday, May 3, 2009

    99:Earth Challenged

    The ______ Earth Challenge is a competition offering a $25 million prize for the first person or organization to come up with a way of scrubbing greenhouse gases out of the Earth's atmosphere to avoid global warming. The prize was conceived and financed a successful entrepreneur, and was announced in London on 9 February 2007 by the entrepreneur and former US Vice President and 2007 Nobel Prize winner Al Gore, creator of the 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth on climate change.

    Answer:Virgin Earth Challenge.

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    98:Green Energy

    ______ Green Energy is an Irish music festival that takes place at Dublin Castle over the May bank holiday weekend. It attracts over 50,000 people per year for what is the opening of the music festival season in Ireland. ______ Green Energy first took place in 1996 and since then has occurred on an annual basis, with smaller shows in other city venues supporting the main event in the Castle.The 2008 festival took place from May 3-5, featuring Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Radio Soulwax and The Kooks. It has previously hosted Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Brian Ferry, Morrissey, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Orbital, The Streets, Beck, Mercury Rev, Stereophonics, Supergrass, Buena Vista Social Club, Manic Street Preachers, The White Stripes, Kasabian and Ian Brown. Irish acts to have featured include The Frames, The Cranberries, Snow Patrol, Damien Rice, Bell X1, JJ72, Paddy Casey, Republic of Loose, Kíla, Sinéad O'Connor, Ash, Future Kings of Spain, The Blizzards, Delorentos and The Coronas.

    Answer:Heineken Green Energy.

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    Answer :Niranjan Shah(Vice-Chairman IPL).

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