Thursday, April 16, 2009

45: Car quiz

NOTE: 2 questions, a point each for both.

1. 'Stinger' is a new model of of an established car in the Indian car market. This model allows for a fair degree of customization as per customer preferences.

Which Car?

P.S.: This car features consistently in the top 10 cars sold (by number) per month in India, as per the data of the Society of the Indian Automobile Manufacturers.


Explain the relevance/importance of this car in context to Indian motoring.

Ans 1: Stinger is a variant of Mahindra Bolero.
Ans 2: The second question is about Morris Oxford, the car which underpins our humble old HM Ambassador!

Most of you have got one or the other question right, score sheet will be updated appropriately after verification.


Anonymous said...

1.Mahindra Bolero
2.First car produced from Tata Motors


GAURAV said...

1. the car is MAHINDRA BOLERO

Rohan Sawlani said...

1. Bolero

Arun said...

This is a model of a car company called morris. The design of the ambassador was based on this.

Rohit Kedia said...

1 - M & M Bolero - Stinger

2 - this is the morris oxford on which the HM ambassador is based upon.

roshan said...

2 is morris oxford which inspired the age old ambassador....1 is tata pick up car i think??

Maulik !! said...

1. Mahindra Bolero

2. That is the Morris Oxford. It served as the base for the Hindustan Motors Ambassador...

Anonymous said...

1 Mahindra Bolero
2.Mr Foster owned this car, the first in india