Monday, September 28, 2009

532:What is it

_______ is an international company specializing in the remanufacturing of ink and toner cartridges for consumer printing. Run under independently operated franchises, the company also sells compatible cartridges and printing accessories. All cartridge refilling is done in house, typically using vacuum injection for ink and manual repair to toner cartridges. The company was founded in Australia, but their international headquarters were recently relocated to its North America headquarters in Emeryville, California.The company was originally called Australian Cartridge Co and was started by Bryan Stokes in 1991. He was joined several years later by Paul Wheeler who helped the company grow. In 1999 the company's name was changed to _______. In 2004, they were growing at roughly one store in the U.S. per day. They currently have over 1,600 stores open worldwide ._______ operates on a franchise system and doesn't require store operators to have any prior technical skills.

Ans:Catridge World