Sunday, May 24, 2009

159:History of Which Company

Incorporated as ___ Machines Private Limited in 1978, the company was engaged in manufacture of Synthetic Yarn Manufacturing Machines in technical collaboration with ARCT, France. In 1978, it became a public limited company and diversified into processing synthetic yarn.Again in 1999, an agreement was signed with Daelim Motor Company of South Korea to manufacture .In 2000 the company was recognized by the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology for remarkable success in introducing new models.As of July 2006, the company is under financial constraint. New finance has been invested by Credit Suisse and other institutions and the factory re opened in March 08 to manufacture vechiles, primarily for export only.

Answer: Lohia Machinery Limited (LML).

Sandeep , Gaurav , Roshan and Eldrich have cracked the answer.


sandeep said...

Its Lohia known as Lohia Machinery ltd.

Eldrich said...

LML..lohia machines ltd

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