Sunday, February 28, 2010


The choice was criticized for being a short-sighted gimmick which ignored other newsmakers of the year. Pundit Paul Kedrosky called it an "incredible cop-out", and speculated that the selection marked "some sort of near-term market top for user-generated content." Besides, the decision raised some criticism as described as ideological and even hypocritical. Some weeks before the announcement, They decided to ask the users in a poll & After several weeks, the poll winner by a wide margin was Hugo Chávez, with 35% of the votes. However, The Magazine decided to ignore those results and did not mention them in the announcement of the Person of the Year. Its critics underline that The Magazine ignores its digital democracy among its readers. What Am I Talking About ?


In 2006, Time magazine chose as its Person of the Year the millions of anonymous contributors of user-generated content to Wikipedia, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Second Life, the Linux operating system, and the multitudes of other websites featuring user contribution. The choice was personified simply as you.

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