Sunday, January 24, 2010

884:Which Product & Which Brand

The Company had a problem as its consumers in China found its orignal singnature brand to be too sweet,expensive & the packaging was in large packets which chinese families could not afford. They made the Brand to be sold in smaller packets as well as reduced the sweet content. The Brand they beleive caused obesity in USA and was parental nightmare but in China due to lowering of sugar content it had made a healthly image to contradict itself with USA. The Parent Company founder began selling chesse on horses in a door-to-door format. The Parent company claimed its Chesse & Macroni could be made in 9 minutes. Which is The Parent Company & The Brand in talk About ?

Ans:Oreo & Kraft


Kaushik said...

Mac & Cheese - brand, Kraft - parent company

Soubhagya Jena said...

Parent company id Kraft foods and no idea on brand