Saturday, July 25, 2009

337:Which Company

Allied Electronics and Magnetics Ltd entered the Indian market in 1984 with the launch of floppies under the brand name ‘_______’ which became an instant success._______ has established an extensive distribution network of more than 5000 retailers, covering every corner of the country and today boasts of two million satisfied customers which include government bodies, small and large corporations, educational institutions and thousands of individuals._______ has always searched for markets where it can serve its customers better and all products are designed with two objectives in mind – Higher Performance and Affordable Prices.Rajiv Kumar Bapna is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and BITS Pilani and is most famous for being the founder of _______ in 1986.The company was the first-ever domestic manufacturer of floppy diskettes in India. In a short span of time, _______ gained a strong name in the Indian market due to Bapna’s strong focus on precision manufacturing, customer service and distribution policies. Rajiv Bapna is also responsible for creating one of the largest IT distribution networks in the country.Before starting _______, Rajiv Bapna was Vice-President of IT at Citibank in the Middle East. After graduating from BITS he also worked at the Department of Electronics of the Indian government.