Friday, July 24, 2009

334:Who is He

_______ is a Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist and philosopher with active involvement in canadian public affairs._______ was born in village situated on border of India and Nepal.Upon completion of his initial education, _______pursued post secondary education in Delhi, India.After receiving a bachelors degree in sciences from Hans Raj College Delhi University, he went on to do masters in computer science from Jawaharlal Nehru University.He migrated to Canada in 1995 and joined Bell Canada, later becoming a General Manager.After a career at Bell, he co-founded a software company, Isopia Inc.Isopia was a canadian success story acquired by Sun Microsystems for over $100 milllion. After his work at Isopia, _______started Osellus Inc, another software firm with offices in Toronto and Bangkok, and diversified his portfolio through acquisition of several businesses including a business from Allan Candy/ Cadbury Adams Canada and Prego Della Piazza. He renamed the confectionery manufacturing business, to Karma Candy owing to his belief in the concept of Karma. After this acquisition, _______helped save more than 150 jobs by recalling laid-off employees back to work. Prego Della Piazza is a restaurant in Toronto's Yorkville village

Ans:Aditya Jha


anup kumar said...

Aditya jha

Anonymous said...

Aditya Jha from Toronto?