Monday, June 29, 2009

266: The CEO

__________ wakes up every day at 4:45AM in California without an alarm clock because he believes a competitor is already awake on the east coast(USA).

He Inspired othe West Coast Companies to do the same.Over The Past year this philosophy has lead to the growth of West Coast Companies In USA .

He Replaced The Author of Tough Choices

_________ previously spent 25 years at NCR Corporation, culminating in his two-year tenure as chief executive officer and president.

_________ is also a director of the News Corporation.

Ans: Mark Hurd
All except Roshan get it correct!


Eldrich said...

mark hurd..of hp

anup kumar said...

Mark Hurd

rosh said...

rupert murdoch?

Dhiren said...

Mark Hurd, CEO,chairman and Ptrsident of HP

suraj s said...

mark hurd
suraj s

Manu Tyagi said...

Mark Vincent Hurd

ashwini_nit said...

mark hurd

CEO said...

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