Wednesday, June 24, 2009

250: Express Yourself

Customers need to dial *321*666# from their Airtel mobile
This Service is only availble in Karnataka
This service is a tie-up with

Tell Me What Exactly does this service do OR in quizing language give me FUNDAE?

Ans:Blue Collar Jobs on Airtel Mobile

Eldrich,Nehru,Rithwik,Anup,Dhiren and Tushar have cracked the answer.


eldrich said...

basically the funda is..this caters to lower middle class grp of the population aimed at aimed at providing jobs related to COOKING, Driving, etc...basically a job portal for unskilled jobs..

Anonymous said...

Access to local blue collar jobs

Anonymous said...

'Jobs on mobile'

-----------Rithwik K

anup kumar said...

u can find out people who have applied for jobs of cooks, drivers etc....or blue collared jobs

Dhiren said...

*321*666# to gain information on local jobs with the categories including Driver, Cook, Guard, Nurse, Housemaid etc. job can be searched on the basis of salary expectation and location.

Tushar Khaitan said...

Basically the fundae is that the jobs of driver,maid,cook have a good demand and to bridge the gap airtel has tied up with babajobs so that these people can get jobs. its valid for 10 days only by paying rs 10..