Monday, December 28, 2009

808:History reckons..

  • ________________________was founded in 1890 by J. B. Duke as a merger between a number of U.S. tobacco manufacturers including Allen and Ginter and Goodwin & Company. The company was one of the original 12 members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1896.
  • Akin to the domination of Standard Oil in the same era, the _______________ Company dominated the industry by acquiring the Lucky Strike Company and over 200 other rival firms.
  • The company built processing plants and warehouses in Reidsville, North Carolina and Durham. Antitrustaction begun in 1907 against the _____________________, which broke the company into several major companies in 1911. Those companies include:
  1. ___________
  2. R. J. Reynolds
  3. Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company
  4. Lorillard
Identify the company??

Answer: American Tobacco Company.

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American Tobacco Company